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Marlee marley4397marley4396Marlee really, really needs a volunteer to come and run or walk with her. We have a couple of special needs dogs and her energy is higher than what they can cope with.  Can you help us out while she is waiting for her person?

She is not a Golden, but she has a story :) Marlee is a 3 year old Queensland Heeler. She belonged to a friend of mine who died a couple of months ago. His family couldn’t take her, so I agreed I would take her and find her a home.

She is a very loving dog, very. She is very high energy. She will do really well in a family who runs, hikes or does both. She is very, very smart. She does not bark, but she is a great alert dog because she takes care of her people. She loves people and most dogs, although if she meets another bossy female, she can have something to say.

She is spayed, housebroken, is chipped, has all her shots and such.

One ear is flopped in the second pictures because it got injured in a rough and tumble play time. She had to have a little drain put in her ear and she has been carrying flopped since then.

She is a great pup. Talk to me if you would like a loving, loyal companion.

As you all know, GRR is a totally volunteer non profit. We do not get grants nor do we have fundraising events. We rely totally on your generosity.

I just calculated our typical per dog cost at about $300. This includes an exam, a heart worm and tick disease screen, a chip, a rabies and distemper/parvo shot and a spay/neuter. We buy food for the dogs, we pay for the repair of the kennels when the anxious dog rips it all down, we put clean chips in the kennels and we get throw away dogs new collars and tags. It is not fancy, but you KNOW the dogs feel safe and loved.

In the last few months we have placed way fewer dogs than usual. We have had several dogs that are requiring a fair amount of testing and medical support. We have also had a couple of dogs with separation anxiety which means broken pens and ripped fences. This means that way more is going out than coming in.

I thought it might be helpful for you to know what this actually means in terms of real, live dogs..

Nathan arrived in terrible shape. He has cataracts in both eyes, and his skin was totally raw from hot spots. His mouth was a mess requiring extensive dental surgery. He had 2 absesses and needed 8 teeth removed. His bills have been about $1200.

Granny dog came when her owner was going into a nursing home for Vets. She was 16 and you can be sure no one wanted to adopt a 16 year old dog. her expenses were $740.

George was abandoned in the snow and was pretty compromised. We have worked hard to try to figure what was going on for him. He is now doing better. His bills have been about $1200.

Hobbs was a stray picked up by the shelter in Southern New Mexico. He had a major tumor which turned out to be benign but his expenses were $790.

Lulu’s owner died, and she arrived weighing 35 pounds. She had major, complex IBD and was totally fearful of any people. We had her for 6+ months to get her socialized and well. Her medical expenses were $380 but she also had specialized food and supplements for the 6 months.

People generally give us $200-$400 dollars and sometimes less. When the *sometimes less* happens to coincide with a flood of *extra* expense, we need your help.

I think many of you know that we are a very tiny group of dedicated volunteers. We have placed more than 850 Goldens over the years. But we don’t have a fund raising department. We have you. And I think most of you know that we are very, very good at placing dogs and have put most of our energy there.

We get 100% of the money you give goes to support dog costs. It is all tax deductible.

We put a paypal button on the home page there. If you can give us anything, we sure will appreciate it.

As always, THANK YOU for your support and continuing interest.

thank you for everything!

I have heard from a number of you about volunteering to help out and I apologize for my delay in getting back to you. I have included a link below for our new Volunteer Application. Then email and let’s talk.

Here is the Volunteer Application

I thought it might be helpful to be very specific about our needs this week.

1) Marlee needs to run. She could run for 5-10 miles without breaking stride. If you are a runner, think about coming by and getting her to go with you.

2) We want to update the website. The dog section in is wordpress. Want to convert the rest. If you are skilled at WP, let me know.

3) Need some admin help with getting chips registered with Home again. It is detailed work that requires accuracy. This is probably 2 hours a month.

4) Need dog washers . This means coming and getting a dog who may be grubby and stinky from being in the shelter. When it is warm, this can be done outside here in the North Valley. Means getting wet, LOL.

5) Need dog walkers. This one is trickier than it sounds because the dogs who need walking are usually sort of wild boy teenagers who have not been trained. So this job requires some skill and good attitude.

Several people have asked me why we don’t have more dogs like some of the other state rescues do. I have thought about this a lot. I think it is because we work really hard to get to know our people. So when a dog comes in, we are able to make a placement quickly. If you look at the dogs under adopted, you will see that we have placed many, many dogs. Actually, we have placed more than 750 dogs.

The people who stay in touch, who watch the web site and who call regularly are the people who get dogs. If a dog comes up that you like, email right away. Remember, we must have your application on file in order to consider you for adoption. We will arrange a meeting if the dog sounds like a good match.

…remember, we place dogs based on temperament match to families. And there may be some variables that are not in the description…or you may call and think it doesn’t matter if it says the dog doesn’t like cats and you have a cat …Doesn’t like cats may mean the dog will eat your cat, so we won’t give you a *does not like cats* dog. Or if the dog is particularly rambunctious and you have young children, that will not be a good match.

But we love working with you.