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Gabby is an 8 year old sweet girl. She was with an 85 year old woman who fell and broke her hip and needed to go into assisted living. Gabby had just been left in the back yard by herself. The husband thought the solution would be to take her down to the river and throw her away. Their daughter came over from Arizona to work on settling things up and called us about Gabby. She was in pretty bad shape, so she took her to be groomed, ie shaved, before she arrived.

The first 4 days, Gabby in the back corner of our rescue vard where she could not be seen. However, she loves to eat, so she would come out for dinner and discovered that being petted and loved was kinda a nice thing. She perked up and started bossing around the 5 teenaged boy dogs in her care. her tail was waggin and she was smilin.

I noticed she had a lump on her back. The daughter said the vet said it was a lipoma (a fatty tissue), but my intuition was otherwise. I took her to the vet for an exam and shots (she had never had them) and a check on the lump. The vet aspirated it and said the cells suggested cancer and we should take the lump off and also remove any other bumps. They gave us an estimate to do the bloodwork, surgery and pathology and it came out to about $1000. We are a very small group and our cash reserves really are donation to donation so that seemed out of the question. We felt that Gabby might be better served by our transferring her up to the CO Rescue who have a lot of money and resources.

But the story continues as most GRRNM stories do…I got an email from one of our adopters about the *lder girl* and could they foster her. I said yes before we had the news back on the surgery cost. They came over anyway. Gabby decided she didn’t care about going to Colorado, and just stepped right into their hearts. So we decided we would keep Gabby and do some fundraising for her. All donations are tax deductable.

If you would like to help, go back to the home page here and click on the paypal button. This girl deserves to be loved, be well and stay with her new family who adore her. I know we can do this!

email me at if you have questions about her.


Sherman came in with Peabody and is about 6 months old. He is active and friendly. He likes other dogs and is a very loving and affectionate puppy. He would love to go running. He is housebroken and ready for a new family!

He is neutered and chipped and has had his first shots. Will finish that up shortly.

email me at


Peabody is a very happy go lucky guy. He loves people and likes other dogs. He is healthy, hearty and just overall content with the world. He likes to play catch and go walking. He is housebroken and lovers company.

He is neutered and chipped and will have the rest of his shots shortly.

Email me at


Mikey is the smaller of the two blond boys. He is 15 months and a little more shy. He is VERY affectionate and sweet. He is one of the sweetest dogs I have met in a long time. he likes to just sit and watch me. The kids LOVE him and the vet tech wanted to take him home.

He is chipped, neutered, has shots and set to go.

email me at

It may appear as if we have no dogs, but this is not the case. I have 9 dogs at my place now, LOL. I am getting them to the vet, getting them shots, microchips, and assessments. Pictures to follow

I have five young males…an assortment of energy and maleness :)
1 female who is 8

The other 3 include my two and Mr. Logan who seems to have adopted Pepper and Ronan.

Details coming.

Remember to EMAIL rather than call please. I also work from home with my other job and phone calls are hard.


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As you all know, GRR is a totally volunteer non profit. We do not get grants nor do we have fundraising events. We reply totally on your generosity.

I just calculated our typical per dog cost at about $300. This includes an exam, a heart worm and tick disease screen, a chip, a rabies and distemper/parvo shot and a spay/neuter. We buy food for the dogs, we pay for the repair of the kennels when the anxious dog rips it all down, we put clean chips in the kennels and we get throw away dogs new collars and tags. . It is not fancy, but you KNOW the dogs feel safe and loved.

Right now we have 7 dogs. In the last month, we had about $1000 in vet bills before the new guys came in so we are scraping the barrel.

People generally give us $200-$400 dollars and sometimes less. When the *sometimes less* happens to coincide with a flood of *extra* expense, we need your help. Recently I had a couple of people promise donations and then not follow through

I think many of you know that we are a very tiny group of dedicated volunteers. We have placed more than 700 Goldens over the years. But we don’t have a fund raising department. Colorado just did a fund raising dinner and raised $80,000 in a night. They have 150 volunteers …We have you. And I think most of you know that we are very, very good at placing dogs and have put most of our energy there.

100% of the money you give goes to support dog costs. It is all tax deductible.

We put a paypal button on the home page there. If you can give us anything, we sure will appreciate it.

or if you like, you can make a donation at Long Leash on Life and we will use it for dog food. We give the dogs great food because most of them come in so compromised.

thank you for everything!

I have heard from a number of you about volunteering to help out and I apologize for my delay in getting back to you. Here is what we are needing:

1) We need people who are willing to come and work with an individual dog. We want to clicker train the dogs to sit, walk on a leash and not leap around, LOL. What your job would be is to learn something about clicker training…I recommend getting Peggy Tillman’s book called Clicking With your Dog. Long Leash on LIfe has it. While you are there, look at the stuff. Maybe even get a DVD. Go online and watch youtube so you can get the idea. I will help too.

My thinking is that if you learn this, you can come and work with one dog – your buddy. This is what will make the dogs most adoptable.

2) We also need people to take specific dogs walking or running. And…part of the dilemma is that the dogs who need it most are the dogs who don’t know how. Sometimes people come thinking that these are dogs that just need a walk. Sometimes that is true LOL, and sometimes they need to learn how. And the dogs are muddy and hairy so wear jeans.

3) Some of the dogs would love to go on an outing, maybe for a trip to Flying Star or a walk on the ditch. You can see if there is a dog that you think would suit your chemistry, email me and let’s chat.

Several people have asked me why we don’t have more dogs like some of the other state rescues do. I have thought about this a lot. I think it is because we work really hard to get to know our people. So when a dog comes in, we are able to make a placement quickly. If you look at the dogs under adopted, you will see that we have placed many, many dogs. Actually, we have placed more than 750 dogs.

The people who stay in touch, who watch the web site and who call regularly are the people who get dogs. If a dog comes up that you like, email right away. Remember, we must have your application on file in order to consider you for adoption. We will arrange a meeting if the dog sounds like a good match.

…remember, we place dogs based on temperament match to families. And there may be some variables that are not in the description…or you may call and think it doesn’t matter if it says the dog doesn’t like cats and you have a cat …Doesn’t like cats may mean the dog will eat your cat, so we won’t give you a *does not like cats* dog. Or if the dog is particularly rambunctious and you have young children, that will not be a good match.

But we love working with you.