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Mister is a 2 year old something with an amazing personality. The Hobbs shelter called me and said *we have a Golden Retriever, can you take him?* I said, *send me a picture, please.* Then they emailed again and said, *Ok, we are ready to send him.* I said, *picture, please*. So finally they did, LOL.

I thought, *that is NOT a Golden Retriever by ANY stretch of the imagination* but I happen to have space and he is really cute. They said he has a darling personality, likes dogs, likes people. He is neutered, has had his shots and is chipped.

So you know what I said, * All right, all right, send him over.* I am still laughing. He looks like a Meercat. I could cheat and say he was a Golden Cross, but I don’t know it would be with. His personality is a Golden.

So if anyone would like a loving, affectionate goofy looking dog that has been screened by your local Golden Retriever Rescue, Mister is your boy.

email me

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Logan is a Golden lab mixed with a little something to give him freckles.

Logan originally came in with another dog and he was very sad to lose her.  He likes other dogs a lot.  He would be especially happy to be in a home with a female Golden. He has been nervous about hot air balloons flying over the house so I cicker trained him to look at the balloon and now he is a master at finding them without fear!

what a great boy he is!

email me if you want to meet him.

In the last months we have had a number of really big financial hits. Generally speaking, we have enough money to pay all out expenses with about $500 or so in the bank as a cushion. We had a dog who was shot in the leg and abandoned by his owner. The vet was able to reconstruct the leg with a pin so he did not have to have an amputation. You can read his story under Curley. But this cost us $3400.

Then Carlsbad called us to get a very sweet girl. When she arrived I noticed that her face was swollen, when we checked, we found that her front canine had basically been broken out of the bone. I didn’t even keep her here, but took her right on up to the vet. This will be another $1000.

In the last few months, we have had 4 dogs with *special needs* for placements. This means they have been with me and we have not been adopting out. The *rehab* means expenses go up and income stops :)

I just calculated our typical per dog cost at about $300. This includes an exam, a heart worm and tick disease screen, a chip, a rabies and distemper/parvo shot and a spay/neuter. We buy food for the dogs, we pay for the repair of the kennels when the anxious dog rips it all down, we put clean chips in the kennels and we get throw away dogs new collars . It is not fancy, but you KNOW the dogs feel safe and loved.

People generally give us $200-$400 dollars and sometimes less. When the *sometimes less* happens to coincide with a flood of *extra* expense, we need your help. Recently I had a couple of people promise donations and then not follow through

I think many of you know that we are a very tiny group of dedicated volunteers. We have placed more than 700 Goldens over the years. But we don’t have a fund raising department. Colorado just did a fund raising dinner and raised $80,000 in a night. They have 150 volunteers …We have you. And I think most of you know that we are very, very good at placing dogs and have put most of our energy there.

100% of the money you give goes to support dog costs. It is all tax deductible.

We put a paypal button on the home page there. If you can give us anything, we sure will appreciate it.

I have heard from a number of you about volunteering to help out and I apologize for my delay in getting back to you. Here is what we are needing:

1) We need people who are willing to come and work with an individual dog. We want to clicker train the dogs to sit, walk on a leash and not leap around, LOL. What your job would be is to learn something about clicker training…I recommend getting Peggy Tillman’s book called Clicking With your Dog. Long Leash on LIfe has it. While you are there, look at the stuff. Maybe even get a DVD. Go online and watch youtube so you can get the idea. I will help too.

My thinking is that if you learn this, you can come and work with one dog – your buddy. This is what will make the dogs most adoptable.

2) We also need people to take specific dogs walking or running. And…part of the dilemma is that the dogs who need it most are the dogs who don’t know how. Sometimes people come thinking that these are dogs that just need a walk. Sometimes that is true LOL, and sometimes they need to learn how. And the dogs are muddy and hairy so wear jeans.

3) Some of the dogs would love to go on an outing, maybe for a trip to Flying Star or a walk on the ditch. You can see if there is a dog that you think would suit your chemistry, email me and let’s chat.

Several people have asked me why we don’t have more dogs like some of the other state rescues do. I have thought about this a lot. I think it is because we work really hard to get to know our people. So when a dog comes in, we are able to make a placement quickly. If you look at the dogs under adopted, you will see that we have placed many, many dogs. Actually, we have placed more than 750 dogs.

The people who stay in touch, who watch the web site and who call regularly are the people who get dogs. If a dog comes up that you like, email right away. Remember, we must have your application on file in order to consider you for adoption. We will arrange a meeting if the dog sounds like a good match.

…remember, we place dogs based on temperament match to families. And there may be some variables that are not in the description…or you may call and think it doesn’t matter if it says the dog doesn’t like cats and you have a cat …Doesn’t like cats may mean the dog will eat your cat, so we won’t give you a *does not like cats* dog. Or if the dog is particularly rambunctious and you have young children, that will not be a good match.

But we love working with you.