October 2005

Dirk loves people and has a great personality. he is five years old and is very affable. He does NOT like other dogs, so needs to be in s home that is just for him and has no other dogs.

Call Melanie at 898-8023 if you would like to see him.


Tracker found a GREAT home and he and his person are thrilled. This is a great success story.


Odi has been adopted!

His people got him as a puppy, then abandoned him when they moved. His second home liked him but spent no time with him.

odi again
He does not yet have manners but is learning. He is a headstrong teenager who think dashing through the dog is the way to go. he needs a strong leader who knows how to train. He is very loving but would not do well with small children because he is sort clumsy right now.