December 2005

Max is a golden/Bernese Mountain dog cross. He is funny, loving, well trained and goofy. Loves kids, loves adults and loves to play. His is with his new home and is a star in obedience training
Max Smiling

Sierra is 5 years old. She loves other dogs, has a great sense of humor. She loves to play and loves walks. She is scared about being left alone so needs to be with someone who is home during the day.

She has a new family and LOVES them

Tavish is seven months. He is housebroken, loving and very sweet. Loves other dogs, sleeps on the bed and wants to have his head on my pillow. He is funny, affectionate and bright. He is a little jewel. He gets along with all the other dogs, loves to go in the
puppy smiling

Buddy is 8 months. He is beautiful with a sillky red coat. He is very loving and has lots of energy. He loves to be loved and wants to be a part of everything. His previous owner did not spend any time training him so we are working on that with him. He is great with other dogs and is a real sweetheart, but needs training.