Spencer is wonderful. He clocked in as the BIGGEST Golden we have ever met.
He started at 151 pounds!!! By the time he was placed, he was down 20 p oounds and moving around really well. He is now out on a ranch and loves his new home.

Here is Spencer with his new owner who reports

Just want to let you know that Spencer is doing so much better since we have had him, for the 1st time today he showed signs of wanting to play ball with Shadow, he even tried to run, yesterday He also can now make it up the steps without us having to help him, we really truly love him, and he seems to be Happy here, he also is sitting up a lot more, then he did when we got him.. we let him out the back door cause there is less steps, he walks around to the front to bark at the horses, he gets a lot of exercise as he gets out every 2 hours or more, and he walks around the house,

Spencer with his cowboy

Latest news is a sad report that Spencer has passed on. But his last year was wonderful!