July 2007



Buddy and Rex are brothers. They have been outside guys, but are ready to learn a new life. They like people. They have had basic training. Their owners are moving and will not be able to take them with them.

Big Guy 1

Big Dog 2

Big Guy (Chester) was found on street in Carlsbad with another dog, spent week in local shelter, unclaimed, unchipped, overheated, stinky etc. He weighs 87 lbs looks skinny but vet said ideal weight, appears young. He has been vaccinated (including kennel cough) and groomed his past week, coat looks sad, I think from poor nutrition, heartworm free but should start monthly tabs within month, was sprayed with something anti-tick at shelter and we applied Frontline July 9

Big Guy (Chester) has very sweet disposition, responsive to training but does not know any commands, wants to please, pleasant with other dogs, focus is on people, asks for attention , does not bark in the house. He has good manners, does not jump on or push people-just stands in front of you, gives paw.