November 2007

OK, this boy has a GREAT family. We all are very excited!

Huck is a 18 month old male. His former owner was a young guy who used to take him hunting and running. He got out and was hit by a car and his back leg was shattered. The owner could not afford his care, so he left him to be euthanized. The vet called us and we went and got him. He has had surgery to reconstruct his leg. He has a pin in it and is recovering nicely.

This is an incredible dog. He is loving, affectionate, funny. Likes other dogs, likes to play, loves people. When his leg is healed he will be able to go running once again. He is very high energy but not hyper.

Huck will need to be with someone who can diligently keep him quiet for another 2 months while his leg heals. We love this boy and want him to have a special home.

Huck Close

Huck further out

Here is little Banjo. He is a 3 year old Aussie/Golden mix. he looks like a minature Golden. He likes cats and other dogs. He chases horses, that is the Aussie part. He weighs about 35 pounds so he is a little guy. He is very affectionate. he is happy to be outside during the day but loves to be in with his people at night.

Banjo smiling