January 2008

Maya is a very big Golden Retriever and will be 2 yrs old in March. She was originally found at the El Paso Animal Control when she was 3 months old by an Air Force family stationed at Holloman AFB. As she grew,they believed that she was a Golden and sighthound mix
because of her long face and legs. Out of curiosity, they did a DNA test but it came back with only Golden Retriever.

Maya is a very loveable, goofy and friendly girl. She gets along very well with other dogs and loves both kids and adults. Her family had a 5 yr old little that she loved to wrestle and play tag and fetch with. Maya grew up with cats. She played with one of them all the time and the other she knew to leave alone. Maya loves chewing on bones but needs the ones made for super chewers. She has never chewed on anything else and is a perfect lady inside the house except that she needs to be kept out of the kitchen when cooking because her nose can reach the counter tops. She loves to follow her family around the house. Her family kenneled her during the day while they were at work and at bed time.

Maya is used to not being allowed on furniture. Maya knows “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come”, “shake”, “other paw”, “sittin’ pretty”, “hugs”, “go get it” (fetch), “drop it” (ball), “inside” (kennel), “outside”, “go potty” and “hup” (into the car). As a puppy, she attended a Puppy Playschool every weekend and also completed an 8 week agility course. Maya loves to go for walks, play with her friends at the local Bark Park and take baths. She doesn’t mind going to the vet or the groomers. She was spayed by animal control at 3 months, is microchipped and up to date on shots. Her family is completely heartbroken that they have to find her a new home but they are military and have orders to move to Germany.

Maya in the Car

Maya with child

Maya smiling

2-3 year old Golden/Collie cross, approximately 50 pounds, good with other dogs and cats, mellow and loving temperament. Blondie was rescued from a busy Las Cruces street before Christmas. Many efforts have been made to find her owners. She appears to have received good care, loving attention, and training. She really misses her family and needs a forever home. Call Jackie at 575-382-7804 for more information.