Maddie is a 10 year old purebred golden. My parents had her mom and dad until they passed away. In a word, she is gentle. She loves to be right next to us and would not hurt a fly. Our next door neighbor has a 1 year old and she loves to sit while he pets her and tries to pull on her ears.
She is perfectly house trained and NEVER has accidents. Maddie is smart and minds on or off the leash. She is so fun to walk with and very spunky. She loves other dogs and people. She grew up with her brother and father on lots of land. She has all her recent shots and is spayed. Basically she is a perfect companion for someone who needs a loyal, mild mannered, and furry friend. She has no health problems and is a good eater. I love her very much and will miss her but know she needs to go to a good home with someone who has the time and space for her.