May 2008


Angel is about 2. She was abandoned at the West Side Dump and then taken to the Shelter. This picture is her *mug shot*.
We got her out, took her to the groomer and are getting to know her. She is not experienced in the car and gets car sick. She is very, very sweet. Seems to like other dogs. We are just getting to know her. Our best guess is that she was left outside to fend for herself. There is a lot to work with here but it will take some time to bring her around. Her coat is brittle and she needs to put on some weight. She is looking for someone who will nurture her.


Buddy Toy

Buddy is really a sweet boy. Buddy is a 4-5 year old male.He came to us in March. Buddy loves adults and children.He is most happy with a toy in his mouth.He is not sure about male dogs but he likes my female. He has not yet been neutered because he came to us with heartworm. He has been successfully treated and is recuperating beautifully.

Adoption update: Buddy has found a new home.They are retired school teachers who live way down south in Columbus NM.They just lost their golden and want a new one.Their dogs go everywhere with them including Alaska.

Brandon and pal

Brandon and pal

Here is his foster mother’s report. We are just getting to know this boy.

Branden is a three year old golden retriever. He weighs about 70 – 80 lbs. He has a beautiful head–like a show dog. He is very mellow and just wants to be with people. He loves to take walks, is good in the house or outdoors. He doesn’t bark much. He gets along well with our pesky 15 month male Porty and our 5 year old golden girl (on left). We were told he is good with children. Branden doesn’t pull on the leash, can sit and shake hands. He came from the dog shelter in Grants. We were told he is aggressive with food around other dogs (he doesn’t beg) so we have been feeding him separately with no problems. He settled into our house very nicely and follows me around, everywhere I go.

Call Patty at 275-9481 if you would like to meet him.

Gracie 1

Gracie 2

Gracie is 10 or 11. She is good with cats and dogs, although she is very possessive of toys. She is very mellow, quiet. She is house broken.
Because of the possessiveness, she might be best in a loving home as the only dog.