June 2008


Hank, a two-year old male golden, was rescued from El Paso Animal Control. He was adopted by Harry and Anne Montgomery of Las Cruces. He will now lead a great life with them in their lovely home on the west mesa overlooking the Organ Mountains and the Mesilla Valley. He will have long walks in the desert and lots of attention. He will be spending the summer in cool Colorado Springs.


Frankin is about 10 weeks old. He was born blind. As we have evaluated him, we have learned that his eyes are fine, but there seems to be some problem in his brain. He is wobbly and is just learning how to make sense of the world. He will need a special kind of love and care.

He has a wonderful temperament. He loves to eat and he is pretty much crate trained. But he will need to be trained carefully to be safe. He needs to have another dog in the house who can teach him. You would put a bell on the dog. And he cannot be with cats.

If you think you have the patience and love to work with him, come and visit and meet him. If you decide you are ready for this darling dog, I will work with you to maximize his capacity.


Franklin has a new home with a woman who has had a lot of experience with rehab. She has had her eye on Franklin since she first heard about him. He will be going on a plane to Maine. She is ready to care for him and keep him safe. We are excited to hear a step by step process.

While he is waiting, he is with Kathleen in ABQ learning new skills.


Harry is about 6 years old and is a loving, family dog. Harry will do best in a home where he is the only dog. He does not like cats. Harry is housetrained, crate trained and great with children. He is happiest playing outside, chasing sticks, balls and frisbees. He is always eager to please and truly deserves to be invited into a loving home. He will scale low fences, so needs to be where there is a higher fence.
He is looking forward to long walks and lots of attention.

Harry does not like the other small dog in the family where he is so he has been kept in a kennel in the garage. They feel that Harry would be happier in a new home. Harry thinks so too and is excited to find you.

Harry has a new family. Here is the report”

Harry is terrific!! He is lying between my husband and me as I write. We have had the most wonderful 28 hours. We took Harry for a hike in the mountains last evening and then went to a local deck restaurant and he just snoozed under the table. Thanks so much for matching us up.

Hrry family

Tanna and Jerry

was living a lonely life in a yard in El Paso. She is one of many goldens who were purchased as cute fluffy puppies only to find that their owners had little or no time for them. She was adopted by Jerry Meyer who lives north of Las Cruces. He has a lovely house and yard and has time to spend with Tanna. Tanna now has a feline friend, Morgan. Jerry, Tanna, and Morgan will be taking a trip soon to visit some of Jerry’s friends in Wisconsin.

Sitting together

Rosebud was living a lonely life in a long narrow yard in El Paso. Her only company was a cat who would go by from time to time. Watching from her prison withwalls on both sides, she saw the children from her family playing in the larger yard and longed to be with them. The few times she was allowed inside she would get so excited that she would jump on the kids, and the mother would throw her back outside.

After being rescued by GRRNM, she was adopted by the Dockery family in Mesilla Park (Dave, Kathleen, Dylan, 17, and Matthew, 15). She now enjoys romping in her lovely green yard with her doggie sister, Cheyenne. They particularly like chasing after pine cones. She is now very much a part of the family. She enjoys going to ball games and taking walks.

Rosebud and pinecone


Logan and Princess

Logan is a young male who came over from Texas. He was abandoned at the dump. He has a very nice temperament. He is a little skinny right now. Needs good food and loving. He is with a foster mom now so we are getting a better sense of his habits. We really like him.


Look at that SMILE!!!!
Pongo is a 1 year old boy. He has been neutered. golden retriever. He was left in the overnight drop box at the shelter. He is wonderful with other dogs and would be fine with kids but he needs training and exercise to be able to be around little ones. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but he jumps up and doesn’t have much in the way of manners yet. He is in great health and has a beautiful, soft coat.

Our take on that smiling boy is that he is a goofy adolescent who needs someone to guide him.

Let us know if you want to either foster him or see if he is your boy. Call Kathleen at 345-3737

Princess Sitting1

Princess is a little sweetie. She is about 8 months. She was found as a stray. She is loving and very high energy.
Likes kids, likes people and needs training. She LOVES carrying around toys. She is a little gem. Here is a pictures of her before we got her.

Princess Shelter

After being fostered by Suzanne Blanchard, Ellie went home today with Joe and Sheila . She will have a doggie brother, Marcus, a black standard poodle. This is the first dog who came from Las Cruces and went to someone in Las Cruces.
Ellie was an owner release at our local animal shelter. Her owners turned her in because they could not afford to feed her.

She is a beautiful and loving dog. I’m glad I was able to get her out of the animal shelter quickly. Dr. Beth, the new director, e-mailed me right when she came in.