August 2008


Sadie is 2 years old. She loves people, is sweet, mellow and affectionate.

She has found a terrific forever home. What a perfect match!!!


Arriving at Kathleen’s

at Bow Wow

Sage and Milo at Bow Wow

Ah heaven

They are water dogs!!!!


It was an exhausting day!


Sadie charmed everyone.


What a sweetie. Sage is 8 and has found an invcredibly loving home.

We are thrilled.

Missy on floor

Missy is a 6 year old female who is darling. She LOVES people, is very affectionate. She arrived in really bad shape with mats and ticks. We scrubbed and cleaned her up. Now she is a star. We just love this dog! She is obedient, sits before eating, loves to walk on a leash. Her foster mother says she is a perfect dog!

Ok, her foster mother thinks she is so fabulous, she has adopted her . What a lucky girl!!


Dusty is a 2 year old male. He is very lovable and friendly. He loves kids, cats and wants to be friends with all dogs. He was left alone a lot and is still kinda needy for attention. He is ready to learn.

Dusty had a blast at the adoptathon. He is a comedian, loves people and dogs. He is a young guy and would do beautifully in a family that wants a dog to go for walks. He would like another dog.

He is neutered and has had his shots.

call Kathleen at 345-3737 to meet Mr. Fun.


Buddy is about 5 and he has a wonderful temperament. This is one of the sweetest and most loving dogs we have had in a long time. He is now in foster care and is just flourishing.

Ah, Mr. Buddy has a new home with kids and is very pleased. So are they!



Harper is about 18 months. He does not like cats. Very sweet personality. He has had some skin problems which are now just fine. He is a wonderful boy.

Harper has a wonderful new home. He fell in love with his new family’s 4 month old puppy. They were inseparable for the afternoon. So the family decided to make it permanent! yah for Harper.


She approx 3 yrs, been vaccinated, healthy dog. Doesn’t like her picture taken as you can see. A bad hair day. We can relate. She looks grumpy but is very sweet. She has not yet been spayed and will need to be.

Blossom charmed the heart of her new mom. They hit it off right away and Her sweetness said, I want to go home with you. We are thrilled with this placement.


Blossom more

Hey Kathleen, Just got on line and saw Blossom, now Brandi, in the success stories. Thought I’d give you a little update. Yes, it was a perfect match. She is greatly loved and gives my partner and I such great joy. I’ve attached some recent Thanksgiving pictures of Brandi on a trip to the Santa Fe Ski Basin. This is my first time seeing her in the snow and, yes, like most doggies, she loves it! Thank you and the rescue for putting us together. Happy Holidays! Robin


I met him this past weekend….total love bug. Was out with a ton of other dogs, got a long great, no problems, good with kids, there was a family volunteering that had kids and they were playing with him, he’s a happy-go-lucky, typical golden boy. BEAUTIFUL…….i’m telling you these pics don’t show his true beauty……….He’s 3ish, knows sit command, does ok on leash, will need some mild manner training on that……he was very well liked at the Shelter where he was kept for a couple weeks. One of the volunteer’s that works with us, her daughter works at the shelter where he was…….they held on to him in their adoption program for a couple weeks because he was such a joy to have around.

Baker had a blast at the adoptathon> his new parents said, that’s our boy!! and was he excited too!!!


Brittany is a 3 year old very sweet girl. Brittany was so loving and so dear that she has a new foster family.

And her new foster family fell in love with her and have decided to give her a forever home.


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