September 2008

Heidi is a very loving dog. She has a wonderful temperament. She is so loving and affectionate. She likes other dogs, does not like cats. She is about 5 years old.

We all love Heidi and want her to find a fabulous permanent home. Heidi came to us very emaciated. You can see she has flourished in her foster home. Her coat is kind of short right now which is natural after childbirth. She is embarrassed to be seen in public. But she is in GREAT shape!

Well, Heidi has a wonderful new person. She is thrilled. And her new owner Jan is thrilled too. Talk about a perfect match!

happy molly

Heidi new home


Reba is a 10-month-old female. She has been spayed and is current on all of her shots. She would like to take her crate with her when she moves because she likes the security of having that safe space. She does sleep in there at night, and she will choose to go in frequently throughout the day either to nap or play with her stuffed animal. She is house broken. She is okay with children and other dogs, and she prefers a quieter atmosphere with lots of affection. She would probably do best in a home with older children or a quiet adult couple.

She has has a minor medical problem with some seizure activity after she was given heart worm medication. They are infrequent now that the medication has been stopped. The vet has not put her on medication because they have been going away as time passes.

email Kathleen at to see her.


No he is not a golden. He is a labradodle who is with Reba.

Bailey is a 1.5-year-old male labradoodle. He has been neutered is current on his shots, and has gone through obedience classes at Acoma. He is excellent with children and other dogs. He likes to be involved in whatever the family is doing. He is well behaved and very affectionate.

His family is being transferred overseas and cannot take him.



Ginger is a young dogs, maybe 1 or 2 years old. Ginger is an active girl and loves to play. She is very alert and responsive to voice commands. She will do really well with someone who runs or goes hiking. Ginger has been spayed. She has been microchipped, heartworm tested, and is up-to-date on shots.

Ginger has a wonderful home!! You can see she is happy.


Clairand Ken

Rusty (formerly Buddy) was surrendered by his owner because he could not care for him anymore. Rusty now has lots of love and attention at his new home with Ken and Claire of Las Cruces. He enjoys romping in the large yard with Aspen, a doggie friend who comes to visit. Rusty also will take fun trips to the mountain cabin in Cloudcroft.


Faith, a two-year old female golden came wandering into the Standard Poodle Rescue in Chaparral with a small poodle in tow. Coincidentally three rescued goldens were being housed there awaiting transportation to Albuquerque. Connie, the GRRNM El Paso coordinator, became aware of Faith’s plight so she was taken into golden rescue after her owner could not be located. She was adopted by Donna Lee of Las Cruces where she joined Chip, a golden/Irish setter cross and the three cats, Chewie, Stormie, and Goblin. Unfortunately not long after Faith arrived, Chip passed away from an internal cancer so Faith was longing for doggie company. Gator was turned in by his owners in Midland because he got too big for the kids. He happily joined Donna Lee’s family. Faith and Gator now enjoy walks, swimming parties, and cuddling at home. Gator when he swims lives up his name, snapping at the waves!

Puppy sitting

We have one litle girl who has been returned to us. Her family is moving and cannot take her to their new home. She is gorgeous. She is mellow, funny, very healthy little one. We figure these puppies are golden retriever (Heidi) and black lab.

Email Kathleen if you want to meet her.

small pair

This is Brooklyn, 2 yrs old and Lola 5 yrs old, a pair of beautiful goldens. Brooklyn is a reddish golden with a sweet disposition, Lola is a sweet blonde golden, with lots of energy. These two high energy dogs just need love, patience and structure in their lifes to become the perfect goldens. They’ve been vaccinated, microhipped, spayed and neutered.”

The dogs belong to a family in my neighborhood who don’t have the time or energy to care for them. They have agreed to let GRRNM re-home them with the understanding that they must be adopted together.

Sophie Head

Sophie was turned in at El Paso Animal Control because her owners’ home was in foreclosure.
Sophie is approximately nine years old according to her chip record. Sophie has the classic golden retriever temperament, calm and sweet. She is very gentle with the Yorkies, even letting the little dogs take bones from her. She is good with children and cats.

She is housebroken and listens well off leash. We took her to the vet today for a checkup. She is very healthy, spayed, current on shots, and heartworm negative.

Here is a report from her foster dad:

She is sweet and lovable as most goldens are. She is very mild and mellow. She does like to go for walks and play in open fields. We have a school just down the street and I have taken her and one of the Yorkie’s there and let them off the leash. She did very well when called but would not fetch the toy unless I went for it and then she would go and get it. She walked all over the school grounds without trying to run away and when we left she was ahead of me and I stopped behind the shed and she came back looking for me. She knows how to walk on a leash and most of the time she does not pull but she doesn’t know what side to walk on. She keeps changing sides. I have also let her out in the front yard where there are no fences and she did not run off either. She does like to go into the kitchen trash and pull the trash out if there is food. She has taken a slice of pizza off the dining room table and started to eat it. When we said out she did let it go without growling or sniping. She does snore at night and will wake us up if she has to go out during the night. She has been left alone while during the day while we went shopping over the weekend. She likes soft toys.

what a sweetheart.

Karen is fostering her now in Albuquerque. Here is her report

I would add an enthusiastic response about Sophie. She stayed with me for
the first time last night and was just fine with my other 3. I have 2
females and a male and they got along just fine even at feeding time. I
give her the medication for the sniffles and she seems fine, just a few
sneezes after she ate this morning.

And she loves children….there must have been a little boy in Sophie’s
past because she took immediately to my 6 year grandson who stayed the
night with me yesterday. And she couldn’t wait until he got up.

Please let me know soon if you are interested as I have had a call form
someone else who wants to come and take a look at Sophie.

I will be in and out this weekend, but feel free to call me on my cell at
505-301-0792 if you want to come by.