October 2008


Goldie was an owner turn in. Mom is older and had her for a number of years. Goldie is 7 or 8 but acts like she she 4. She is active, charming and has really blossomed in her foster home. She listens and is really excited to learn what she is supposed to do.

Golden will be a great dog for a family who wants a dog who loves to go walking, running or hiking. Goldie is not good with cats and is great with other dogs.

Here is her foster’s report:

Goldie has quickly learned some manners and no longer will jump up on
counters. She is fully house-trained and has mastered the doggie door.
She gets along great with my other 3 Goldens, 2 females and 1 male. Goldie
also loves children. She is the sweetest and most gentle of Goldens and
although she has a very gray face, she is most active. She still is a
little thin, but has gained some weight and appears very healthy.

email karen at Karen_Smoot@bcbsnm.com if you would like to meet Goldie.


Every so often we get a dog that comes in and has a litter of puppies. Maggie is
taking care of her babies. Watch this space for updates on pictures on the little ones.
Contact Connie if you are interested.


Maggie is our proud mama! Once the puppies are weaned, she will be excited to have a new home. She has a wonderful personality. Contact Connie in El Paso if you are interested.


Jenny found a new home with the Ortiz family and is one happy girl.

Casey home

The boy has a new home with folks that LOVE him.

Casey School

Just wanted to let you know that Casey is graduating from family dog obedience tomorrow ! He has done well and enjoys learning.. We will probably enroll in beginning agility in March. Casey is very athletic and limber.
We are enjoying his company…he is an angel sent to heal our broken hearts. My 88 year old dad loves his company during the day. Jill,his sister,thinks that he is pretty special also.
I frequently check out the rescue web page and pray that those great animals will find a “forever home”, like Casey.
Casey has a nice shinning coat that resembles diamonds. He has gained 3 pounds since we adopted him. He rides well in the car and has multiple friends at doggy day care.
Well, all for now. I wanted to keep in touch with you and if you ever need a any help with rescue, Dave and I , would like to lend a hand. We could not foster but may be able to help in some other capacity.

tiny casey

Casey is 9 mos. owner turn in. He’s a gorgeous purebred golden who looks exactly like Buster the dog, in the Bush Beans commericals! He has a lot of energy and acts like a teenager. He will do really well with someone who wants a running or hiking companion. He has a great temperament and needs a little guidance with manners. You will love this dog!

email Kathleen at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com to see him


Taylor is a big Teddy-bear type boy dog. He is very affectionate and loves attention. He has been microchipped, heartworm tested, and is up-to-date on shots.


Solie was found running the streets of the North Valley. The people who found her searched for her owners for a month. No luck.So now she is hoping for a new home.

She looks older because of her sweet white face. we think she is about 7. She had had shots, been check by thevet. Has a wonderful temperament.Likes kids,like dogs. If you are interested,
email kathleen@radiantrecovery.com.


Byron has a wonderful temperament. He is little and maybe 18 months. He has some health concerns that we are treating.

he has a heart murmur and some congestion in his lungs. The vet put him on medication to help with his lungs.

Byron will need to go to someone who is willing to work with his special needs.

If you are interested call Jackie at 575-382-7804