November 2008

Buddy ElPaso

Buddy is a 2 yr old, male golden that was rescued by the ACHE (Animal Cruelty Heartline of El Paso) group from an abusive situation. Poor baby, his owners were kicking him and then threw him out on the streets like some piece of trash. He’s a sweet, wonderful, active (not hyper) golden.

Buddy has a new family who just love him. He will get to go running with Dad and the girls think he is great.Moml oves him.
Everyone is happy all around.

Buddy ElPaso

We grabbed Suzie from animal control just before she was going to be euthanized. She is a young female, maybe 9 months who is easy going, sweet, active but not hyper, gets a long with other dogs and just wants someone to love her.

Suzie knows her new name, “comes” (when she wants to – lol), uses the doggie door and wants and gives affection! And might chew on things she shouldn’t. Probably got up on counter and helped herself to some extra treats. So she is a big puppy who needs a little guidance.

She has a wonderful new home! The whole family came to pick her up.


Think about what it took to get this girl in her home. Suzie had Connie bail her out of AC just before she was to be euthanized, Pete fostered her, Jackie drove her up to the Owl, John drove her to Albuquerque, Kathleen fostered her and placed her!!! She is one happy pup now.
That is her mom holding her.