January 2009

Gilbert and rustyGilbert head

Gilbert is a 1 year old male. He is very loving and has a beautiful face and lovely temperament. He is simply delightful. He has a lot of energy so needs to be with someone who does long walks or loves to go running. he LOVES other dogs so wants to be in a home with playmates. I have been training him and he is VERY quick to learn

Email Kathleen if you want to talk about Gilbert. radiantkd@mindspring.com


The neighbor drove up to the owner’s house as she was just leaving to bring her to me. So they decided to take her. I am thrilled for Ruby and sad for all of you who were so interested.

Miss Ruby is 4 1/2. She was surrendered by her owner who had to move for a job change. She is spayed, has had all her shots and is healthy. She has a lovely temperament. She is housebroken and stays with you outside without a leash. She gets along with horses, cats and other dogs. If she is provoked, she will fight back.

Ruby is a very sweet Golden Retriever that LOVES humans and just wants to follow you around. She sleeps on a dog bed beside my bed and is very well mannered.

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We have received some puppies. The are about 10 weeks old. The little girl is tiny and looks like a little fox – she is the one with the pointy ears :). The two boys are very different. One is a big chunky guy who is totally laid back. The other is an explorer and very aware. He was watching the geese fly over head this morning. The little girl has been adopted.

Ok, here is an updated photo of the little *fox* 🙂

chloe sm

Charlie is a 5 month old darling little mix. She is a golden/Border collie cross so is very energetic. She loves to walk on a leash, sits for treats and is very affectionate. Love to play with toys.

and she is a puppy, so she digs, jumps, hops and is goofy. She is a little shy, but is VERY affectionate. She will not be a big dog – maybe 50 pounds.

She is just darling and will make a wonderful pet with the right family. She will need to be with folks who are comfortable training her.

email kathleen at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com or call 345-3737

Chance 1

Chance 2

here is Mr. Chance. He is a darling little male just over a year old. He is neutered, had all his shots and is healthy. He loves to play ball. He was a military family is who relocated. Loves kids, very friendly.

He is young and active. Needs good exercise and some training. We have AKC papers for him, but most of all he has a great temperment and really, really misses his family.

Home Report

chance cratehappy chance

Thank you very much for Chance! He is settling right in. We had a quiet first night Thursday. Robert took him out to the mesa in the Jeep on Friday. He stayed close to Robert while they hiked around. He whines to go out back but won’t let Robert let him out. It is almost as if he is scared to go outside when Robert opens the door. He goes out just fine for the kids and me. But he hangs out with Robert and shows no other signs of being “afraid.”

He has met his German short hair pointer cousins. It was a little much indoors with the 3 of them Saturday night so we took them all to the dog park on Sunday. They ran and played for over an hour!

Chance likes his crate and goes in there just to lay down during the day with the door open. The cats are getting to know him. Pickle, the feisty one, will tease him and then hiss at him. Beso, the old one, goes nose to nose and when Chance starts wanting to play, she goes to her room. He is eating well and going to our vet on Thursday.


Ok, here is a very sad sorry….we got a call today from someone in SC saying that a friend of hers was found dead in her place today. They don’t know how long she had been gone. Leo was there. The kids took him to the shelter. So we got in gear, make 10-15 calls and got him out of the shelter, into a care home and have arranged transportation up to ABQ. Because the other dogs I have do not like new dogs, I am going to need a foster home for him ASAP. Is there anyone who can help out? Please call at 345-3737 or email kathleen@radiantrecovery.com. thanks!

I am putting all the information about his story right here….

Leo is a golden mix from Animal Control in El Paso. He is four years old according to microchip records.
He is neutered and current on all shots. He is a small guy, weighing 50 pounds. Leo is VERY good with other dogs. Not aggressive. He doesn’t seem too interested in cats. He loves being bathed and brushed. He appears to be housebroken. He has not made a sound other than a faint whimper to go outside to pee. He slept well in the crate last night. No formal obedience training is apparent, but he is eager to please and smart. He loves to play with toys. He rides well in the car.


Leo was picked up as a strays, and was scheduled to be put down the following day. Leo had a tag with his name, an address, and a phone number. Animal Control contacted the owner, apparently more than once. Leo’s owners did not want to pay the $25 fee to get him released. I picked up Leo that morning, January 7.

Leo impressed me with his calm demeanor and loving nature. He fit right into our household, including the other doggies, immediately. He had been neutered and microchipped already so I went ahead and got his distemper/parvo shot. Dana came to look at Leo and fell in love with him on the spot, and he with her. He was exactly what she had described in her application as what she had been looking for.

Dana needed to make some repairs to her fence, and get her yard cleaned up before Leo could move in, so she planned to pick him up a few days later.

During that time period the local mobile vet was out to our house for something else, so we had her draw blood and run a heartworm test. Bad news here — he was heartworm positive. We decided to go ahead with treatment. We knew that Dana was in love with him. For that matter, we were, too. He is a wonderful little pooch.

So we got the heartworm treatment started, and kept him at our house for the first week. Then he went to Dana’s house, where he is now. She is taking care of him during the remainder of the recovery phase from the heartworm treatment, where he continues to do very well in his forever home. He is such a calm dog that he doesn’t need to be crated, and Dana calls every other day to report on his latest antics, with which she is thoroughly enamored.

Leo is the ideal GRRNM success story.


This sweet guy loves people! He is playful, affectionate and funny. He is a neutered male who is about two years old. He was found as a stray and we are assuming he was out on the lam for a while because he is pretty independent.

He is funny with other dogs. He really, really likes some of them, and does not like others. He can be possessive with food and toys (around dogs). He will excel in a family who is experienced with dogs and can give him a little training. He is very clean and meticulous about his space.

He is not a pure bred Golden, but he has the face and temperament of one so Connie sprung him from the El Paso shelter. They called him *Puff ball*. However, my son who has aptly named many a dog renamed him Czonka after the linebacker Larry Czonka.

Email Kathleen at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com if you would like to come and meet him.