February 2009

Sunny pup
Sunny grown up

Sunny looks like a mini Golden. She is a spayed andweighs about 40 pounds and is 5 years old. She is very healthy and active. She loves people; is good with kids. She is very energetic, but not hyper – she loves to run and play. She will do best in a house without other dogs.

She is housebroken. her former owner kept her outside during the day and in a crate at night. So she is really ready to be with some people. She LOVES walking and running on a leash.

She is terrified of fireworks, gunshots, and thunder. Sunny needs a kind and caring family who will spend time with her, do some training and give her the attention she loves.

email Kathleen at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com


Phoenix is a Golden Retriever Cross. he is tall and has a very sweet face. He is 4 years old, is in good health. he is neutered, chipped, has had shots. His former owner says he is destructive when left alone. Our hunch is that means he has separation anxiety. We are getting to know him. So far, the evaluations are going well.

Email Kathleen at katheen@radiantrecovery.com

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