April 2009


Daisy is a little sweetie with the typical loving golden disposition. She gets along very well with other dogs. She is approximately one year old. She has a back leg that does not bed. That doesn’t seem to slow her down in the slightest. In fact she has been running and does even better at run than anything. So if you are looking for a running companion she is your girl.

She has a lot of energy and simply needs to learn some basic training. I love her personality.

Well, her family dog decided it would work. The people who have had her decided she was so full of love they
just couldn’t give her back.


Foster is a neutered male purebred golden. He is approximately four years old. He is great with other dogs, but will chase rabbits and other small furries. He digs when he is very bored, but is never destructive in the house. He is very devoted and never takes his eyes off his owner during walks. He is very food oriented, easy to train and is wonderful with people. He was recently used as a training aid in a veterinary assistant class and was spectacular. His main goal in life is to make you happy! He is not crazy about balls, but he loves his stuffed Ducky and his Nylabones. He is up-to-date on all shots.

Foster has a wonderful new home with Ed who lost his golden after 14 years of devoted companionship.

shadow 1Shawdow 2

Shadow is a 16 month old girl who is spayed, microchipped and housebroken. She has a wonderful temperament, likes other dogs and is great with kids. She is a sweetheart. She is a little overweight because she was kept in a trailer and had no exercise.

Shadow is also a puppy with lots of energy. She will need people who understand what it means to have a teenaged dog.

we have placed shadow with a very loving family who has been fostering her. Here is their note:

We have all fallen in love with Shadow and will most definitely adopt her. She and Barley are a match made in heaven. They make us laugh all the time as they tear around the house playing. Today was a riot… Barley was running around and around the living room with Shadow chasing him. Shadow outsmarted him by jumping up on the couch and laying low… Barley kept running round and round the couch looking for her… very funny. Here are some pictures… the one of the family was taken at Sarah’s last Saturday. Shadow is the lighter, heavier one.

shadow familyShadowBailey

GracieGracie and Annie

Here is Miss Gracie. She is older and absolutely wonderful. She came to us when the owners surrendered her to VCA because they could no longer care for her. She is pretty overweight, is lame but game, and has the most wonderful loving termperment you could imagine. She LOVES people, loves other dogs, hates balloons. If you like these older girls, you will love her.

She is losing weight on the GRR Spa system, her arthritis is way improved and her coat is glowing.

email kathleen at radiantkd@mindspring.com to meet her.


Here is the Mom. She is cute as a button. If you are looking for a very loving, smaller Golden style doggie, she is your girl. She is funny, feisty and street smart. And she is DONE with those chunky puppies. She did her job and dear god do not put me in the crate with THEM!

Here is Mitzy with her new family who love her!



Well, you know we never get puppies, but here they are. We have 4 little chunky sweeties. They are about 10 weeks. They are mixed with something. The mom is here. She is like a tiny, miniature Golden…very sweet. I will put up more pictures tomorrow.

Here are the puppies with their new families

Puppy Puppies more

Here is an update:

Just wanted to give you an update on the little puppy you called “Macho Man” that we adopted a year and a half ago. We named him Jake and he has been an amazing and wonderful dog — fit right in with our two older dogs and loves life! As you may remember, we live in the East Mountains and can walk out our back door onto hiking trails, so he has a wonderful active life — usually an hour or more hike in the morning and then shorter walks later in the day — lots of playing with the other dogs. He loves the snow! I’ve also been doing lots of training with him — he did puppy, novice, and advanced novice obedience and finished agility training a couple of months ago. He is so sweet and loves all people and animals, especially children. I am hoping to have him certified as a therapy dog because he is very calm and I think could give a lot of people a lift in spirits. Thank you so much for making it possible for him to join our home. We love him so much! I’ve attached a few photos, including one after his first agility trial a coupe of weeks ago. Thanks for the good work you do!