June 2009


Ella is a young female with a lot of energy. She is sweet natured, enthusiastic and happy. She is good on a leash and has had some basic training. She is housebroken, gets along with other dogs and is very affectionate. She has been spayed, has had her shots, is chipped and ready to go. Ella would be a great running companion.

Email kathleen at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com if you would like to meet Ella.


Bubba and Summer are both about 6 years old. They are spayed and neutered. Housebroken and looking for new homes.

So they have been here for a bit and we have a much better sense of who they are. Bubba is a little anxious. He likes to have specific direction and LOVES attention. He loves going walking and is quite good on the leash. He is kinda pushy, but that is a function of being anxious and the more secure he feels, the more relaxed he is. We had him tested for thyroid and he will start his pills today. This may have a huge impact on the anxiety.

Summer is more easy going although she is a leaner. She too, loves walking. She is still a little overweight, she is on thyroid and is actually liking her spa regime.

They are both good with other dogs and with older children. They will not be so good with little kids because they are kinda pushy.

But these are wonderful dogs!

Bubba has a fabulous home. we will get pictures soon.