October 2009


Willow is an older girl who is very very sweet. She too came down from OK. She was basically tossed out because she is older. She is very grateful to have a warm place to be and good food. She gets along with other dogs, loves children and is very amenable.

She is a little unsteady on her feet so will do well in a place that has carpets. She has amazing grit and determination. When she arrived, she was pretty frail, but now she is stronger and is really, really funny. She is very affectionate and would love to be someone’s special dog.

email kathleen if you would like to meet this wonderful girl kathleen@radiantrecovery.com


Twinkie is a 5 year old girl from OK. We love her face. here is what they said about her.

I was surrendered due to my previous owner’s busy work schedule–us goldens have a strong need to be with our people, so it was in everyone’s best interest that I find a family that has the time & energy for me. I’m a full-fledged adult, though don’t mistake my graying face for being a golden oldie looking for a retirement home. I do know “sit” but I seem to have my “down” confused with lying on my back for a belly rub!

Email Kathleen if you would like to meet her kathleen@radiantrecovery.com


Sugar is a 2 year old female who came to us from OK. They said “”No time”, was the only reason someone sweet as me was surrendered. Sugar has been spayed, is up to date on her shots and is housebroken. We think that *no time* means that someone got her as a puppy and really did not spend a lot of time with her to train her. So she is very loving, but has not had a whole lot of training. She is high energy and will do well in a family who can take her hiking or walking a lot. She gets along with other dogs and loves children.

When we took her to the groomer, we discovered that she was totally matted under her outer coat. So we had to shave her down. Right now she looks a little more like a lion than a golden. She has a great personality.

We brought her down here to see if we can find her a new home. She will do well with someone who is patient with her and who knows how to do training basics.

email Kathleen if you would like to meet her. kathleen@radiantrecovery.com


Rose was picked up in a field near I-40 and Tijeras. She is an old girl and was probably turned out to die. We got many emails about here from people who spotted her on the shelter web site. The first was from someone who said she was a dear but had a huge *wart* on her eyelid so they didn’t think anyone would adopt her.

We got in action. Picked her up, got her groomed, got her into a foster home. Here is what they said:

A little up-date on Missy, she is here with us now. She is such a good dog. She gets along very well with our dog and our 3 cats. Not a sign of aggression or anything.
She is a really old girl, and just wants to hang out with people. She follows me wherever I go.

We scheduled her get ready for a new home stuff.

Hi I picked up Missy this am and took her to be groomed.She was a little scared and difficult to get in and out of the car.When I picked her up she pranced out of the groomers letting me know she loves her new do.She also got in the car pretty easily.I took her to Rio Grande where she will spend the night and have her surgery in the am.Holly said her teeth were really bad so I okayed a cleaning.

Right about this time, we got an application from a couple who wanted an older dog. We called them. A couple of days after her surgery, they came to meet her and the chemistry was right. Rose has a new home.

what a great story of people helping.

Here is her family


I wanted to give you an update on our life with Rose. We fell in love with her right away and she settled in here without a hitch. She acted like she had lived here for years and seemed to be quite happy.

Unfortunately last Saturday evening she started vomiting and Sunday morning I took her to the emergency pet clinic. They diagnosed an intestinal blockage and she underwent surgery. During the surgery they discovered cancer in the intestine, which caused thickening in the intestinal wall and contributed to the blockage. The surgeon took out about 10″ of small intestine. There was also a cancerous mass on the liver which was removed. Tuesday evening we brought Rose home and she seemed to be doing rather well considering she had been through major surgery. Wednesday she did OK, ate a little bit and was drinking water. Thursday, however, she would not eat and quit drinking as well, so we took her back to the emergency clinic. She was found to have a massive bacterial infection in her abdomen and it had spread to her bloodstream as well. The odds of recovery from all that were bleak at best, and given her age and that she had already been through major surgery, we made the extremely difficult decision to have her euthanized. She died quietly late last night, and we were there to say goodbye.