November 2009


And here is Mr. Marley, a super good boy. He arrived with Morgan, couldn’t walk. He was severely underweight. The transport people said, he has bad hips, nice personality, but he is in really bad shape. They said he was *old* and he looked pretty bad.

First we took him to the vet. Got all the tests done. No heart worm, no tick diseases, but he does have a parasite so he is getting no nutrition and is basically starving to death. So she put him on some meds and in 24 hours, he was a different guy.

Then we went to the groomer, got washed and scrubbed and cleaned up. He has such potential!

Now he is running around the yard smiling and laughing. He LOVES life, loves people and sometimes just barks with joy about how life is now. He loves going on walks, he loves to play and he is really very funny.

The vet and I agree that he is not *old*, but maybe 5-6. He is such a happy guy.
so Marley the good has a super new home…. His foster family couldn’t bear to part with him!!


Morgan is a 5 year old female. She came to us because her own said the dogs were *sick* and he didn’t have the money to take them to the vet so he was going to shoot them. So we got them.

It turns out that she and her brother Marley had parasites and were starving to death. When we got them, Morgan only weighed 42 pounds and was covered in mats. A visit to the vet took care of the parasites. A visit to the groomer was like going to the spa. Good food and lots of love has made the world of difference. This is one happy dog. Morgan is funny, loving and loves attention. She is a great dog and will do really well in a family with children.

She likes other dogs – although does better with males than females. She tends to want to be queen of the pack.

Morgan adopt

Here is her new family. They are thrilled. Here is a note from them

I want to thank you, and tell you the good news about the Golden we
picked up from Kathleen yesterday.

We have a young female (Morgan, on the GRRNM website) who seems very
compatabile with our male. She is just as sweet and affectionate as can
be. It is amazing to me that she came from such neglect and abuse for you
could never tell by her gentle, loving demeanor.

She is very, very skinny from starvation due to parasites. She and the
other dog (maybe brother) that was brought in were owned by someone who
either wasn’t willing or able to handle any vet bills, so the solution was
going to be to shoot them both!

My heartiest thanks to both you and your husband for your involvement
with this work.


Lady is a 10 month old girl who was brought to us from down south. She a darling, active young teen. She is loving, wants to please and very smart.

She loves attention, is very affectionate and eager to learn. She will need training. She has had all her shots. It is not clear if she has been spayed. We will provide that if necessary.

Here is her foster report

Lady is adjusting fabulously. She is a full fledged member of the pack, with all of the rights of a pack member. There is no sign of dog aggression whatsoever (even with my female), she is just afraid at first, as most puppies would be. Last night she slept with the other dogs, not in the crate. In case you didn’t already know, she is completely housebroken, knows how to sit (we will work on lay and stay this week), and has not made a single attempt to get on furniture, or chew anything that isn’t a dog toy. She is still a little cautious of the dog door, but in another 24 hours that will be gone. We will begin working with the leash tomorrow. She loves running free on our place, but doesn’t really let us out of her sight, and she comes running like a madwoman when you call her. She respects boundaries, such as off-limit rooms, and not sniffing food left on a coffee table, as well as any puppy at this age could.

Dave and I can see her with a family who has kids, and maybe another dog, but if there are kids who would love on her, she would be ok without other dogs. She hardly ever attempts to jump on us, and the more petting that she can get, the better. For being such a young girl, she is calm. She has not been left alone too much, but on Friday Dave put her in our dog run and she didn’t bark, dig, or try to climb out.

Take a look at the transformation happening:

LadyLady with Toy

So, Lady’s foster mom and family have decided they would like to keep her.. All are thrilled.