April 2010

Sally sleepingSally Head

Sally is an 11 month old little stray that was found in Texas. She is absolutely darling. Very active. We are working with her about her manners. She has learned to sit rather than jump. She loves walking. She is very, very affectionate. Loves other dogs. A real sweetie.

Here is an update from her new family:

Thought you’d like to see how “Sally” looks now…just healthy as can be…she has put on 11 lbs and we just had her spayed last week. She LOVES our older dog and has actually adapted pretty well in these last few weeks. Thanks for the trainer contact, that worked out well…We love this dog, so thank you for helping us to find her and bring her into our home. She still has some things to learn, but she is learning quickly..


sally at poolsally smiling

We are looking for some volunteers to help out. if you have some extra time, we sure would love some help.

Let me see if I can list what I think good *jobs* are….

1) someone who is good with a camera who can get great pictures of the dogs. It makes a big difference. This person would need to be *on call* on short notice. The dogs come in at random intervals. I really, really like to get them into homes pretty quickly.

2) People who can come, take a dog for a walk, maybe a run depending on the age and condition of the dog.

3) People who could take a dog out for a day, keep them safe, do an assessment of what the dog can do or not do without judging the dog.

4) People who can come and do clicker training. I would teach you. I am very good at it, and would love to have a group who would learn the basics of *good dog* clicker work and could help placement readiness.

5) Someone who is organized and thoughtful who can coordinate the volunteers.

6) Someone who might like to coordinate fundraising, public awareness stuff.

7) Someone who would like to coordinate social gatherings for our adopters…like a summer picnic or a pool party, etc.

and of course, whatever you all might think of.

let me know.