May 2010


Ok, this baby was found as a stray. He is arriving on Monday. We think he is about 8 weeks. Because I have had parvo at my house and kennel last week, it is not possible for him to stay here.

I need a foster home for him ASAP. Any takers.

email me…


Buster is about 4-5 months old. He was being left on his own out in a yard and had no one to play with. A neighbor offered to get him and bring him to us.. He is absolutely darling. He is housebroken likes other dogs, is very smart and will be a fabulous dog.

email me if you are interested in meeting him.

puppytwo pups

So we have 5 3 monthers. They are golden, aussie (she was black) cross. They have very delightful personalities. They have had first shots, have been wormed and we will provide spay and neutering.

All the little temperments are different. Rex is the biggest and boldest, Scoopy is shy and watches, Gator and Trevor go along with the pack, and Annie watches all the rowdy boys play.

These puppies have golden temperaments and are very, very smart. They are well adjusted and love people.
So, if you have been waiting for a puppy, and can do with black rather than blond, here is your chance!

puppies with Josie

All puppies have wonderful homes. Annie, the only girl went on a plane to the woman who cared for Franklin!!
All new homes report that they are doing beautifully. Here is a report from trevor now named Finnegan:

He is doing really really well. He is playful, attentive and wanting to learn, and he’s stopped howling at me every time I leave the kitchen area where his play pen is lol. Now we just need to teach him not to try and eat Anna’s hair 🙂 We’ve renamed him Finnegan, and I’m hoping that is ok with you. He is getting lots of love.

And from Gator now named Cooper

Well, we are in absolute love with him. He was a bit lethargic the first couple of days, though. We thought it might be due to several things: depression, effects of being ill, scared, etc. He seems to be coming out of it, however, and has started to really interact with us (especially the boys) and play like a puppy (chasing his tail, throwing one of his numerous toys in the air then picking it up again). He loves hanging out with us in the den in the evening. We bought him a bed the first day and he took to it like fleas on, well, a dog. We finally bought a crate today and he already loves it. I have gone into the laundry room (where the crate is) several times this evening and he has followed me and went right into the crate. Tonight will be the first night he sleeps in it. The crate should make it easier to house-train him. (We keep the carpet cleaner out and ready.)

Scott has started teaching him some commands, which he seems to understand readily. We have also taken him walking almost every night and he has proven to be a great walker. Scott will start working on heeling soon.

And, yes, Rodger has accepted him. I can’t help but think, though, that Rodger is saying to himself, “Okay, we’ve had him long enough. It’s time for his owner to pick him up.” Cooper isn’t obnoxious around Rodger (like other younger dogs have been) and Rodger lets him sniff him out, which I think is a good sign. We’re careful to give Rodger lots of extra attention.