June 2010

Timmy headtimmy toy

Timmy, also known as La Bandito, is 9 months old. He was found roaming the streets in Corrales with his mother Shannon. When we got him, he was so scared and shy, he just hid under the bushes. Then he was romping with all the other dogs. This started the best of the rehab we do. Now he is funny, playful and very affectionate. I gave him that Wubba toy and he takes it everywhere. I don’t think he ever had a toy before.

Bandito is very athletic and young so he can either walk or run. He is good on the leash and likes to go.

He has been neutered, chipped and has had shots. He is VERY loving and will make a great companion. I love this dog and think he is in the top 5% of dogs we have had.

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Shannon is a 2 year old girl who is very affectionate and willing to please. She was dumped in a field and left on her own with 2 pups. She loves to play, loves other dogs and loves people. She has had her shots, has a microchip and has been spayed. She is set to go.

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little girlLittle Boy puppy

These two are real, healthy, AKC pups. They are being released to us because the owner realized that this was not the right time for puppies in her life. They are nine weeks.

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coy and chasecody toy

Here are two boys who have grown up with toddlers and are great with them. The family is moving and can’t take them. I am getting to know these two characters. When they arrived they were, shall we say, a wee bit *chunky*. It is always fun to see what happens when the dogs get good food and some exercise. No more couch potatoes for these boys! They are having a great time with the pack outside…I have 5 dogs this week and the pack experience is good for all of them. Cody had a dental and has shiny new pearlies. Chance is running around and actually playing with toys. Cody loves that toy! I think they thought this was boot camp and now they are realizing it is camp, regular camp. And they LOVE going in the car.

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Levi New

Levi came to us as a pretty wild teenager…He is 10 months and had just been dropped off at the shelter because he *barked.* I am assuming it was because he was left alone all day. He is very loving and very eager to learn. He likes other dogs and loves to play with toys. He knows how to retrieve and will bring the ball back for hours if he can.. He will do really, really well with someone who likes to run, hike or walk a lot. He is very athletic. We are getting him groomed and he wase knock out gorgeous for a day . He LOVES water and just cannot stay out of the dog bowl. He has AKC papers if that is important to you.

email Kathleen@radiantrecovery.com if you would like to meet him or if you would like to take him running.

RosieRosie Body

And here is Miss Rosie. We think she is about 2. She is darling.

Here is what the people said who brought her to us.

Just a little background on her.. she’s a wonderful dog that we took from a family who already had 4 dogs and were about to have their 6th child! They were trying to get rid of the dogs because they couldn’t take care of them anymore. We felt bad and somewhat obligated since we were friends! Rosie is about 2 years old and is micro chipped and we were told she has all her shots. She’s extremely loveable and happy. Very smart and has lots of energy. She loves to play and run…especially fetch. And from what we can tell she loves water, as she loves to get in the sprinklers when we turn them on! Unfortunatley, we just can’t give her the attention she deserves. We work out of town and often are not home unitl 9pm. So she’s alone all day and we would really love to see her go to a home where she can get the attention she needs. She would make an excellent family dog..she as an excellent temperment and is good with children. I did find out that she wasn’t always treated well in her previous home…she was often left outside alone or crated and was used as riding toy for the kids in her home! I just want to do the right thing for her and felt that I was helping her by taking her from her previous home. Not sure what the next step would be but we would really appreciate your help in finding her a good home. Thank you for your assistance.

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Jake is a one year male with a very nice temperament. He is athletic, happy, LOVES to play ball and is just gorgeous. This picture does not do him justice.

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