July 2010

Brady is a very sweet 14 month old male. He is small, reddish and has had a hard life. Here are the notes from his rescuer. We will get a picture up shortly.

Well, once again we were crazy about one of our transports. Baby Bear immediately started taking to us once we started down the road. He gave quiet kisses and head nudges along the way. When we got to Roswell, we took him out on his lead for a potty. He kept going to me, then Tony, leaning his head on each of us, grinning and wagging. Then he did the cutest thing. As he walked between the 2 of us (he’s not good on a lead, but he tried so hard) he started talking this sweet little barky conversation, looking at on of us then the other. He really wanted to tell us all about something. We just melted. He tried so hard to gain us, it felt terrible passing him on again. He really was trying to “sell” himself to us, and it worked. If only I had the room. . .

Anyhow, he has obviously not been treated very kindly, but he is resilient, and with the right person, he will be just fine. I hope he’ll do some talking for you. It is really something to hear, and he really likes the fact that anyone will listen.

Thank you for taking this sweet boy. We would love to know how he’s doing.

he has had his shots. We will do his chip and wait on his neuter till he gains a little weight. He is pretty small. But what a sweetie.

Email kathleen@radiantrecovery.com if you want to meet him.

Koda is a 4 year old boy whose owner surrendered him because the grandchildren were having an allergic reaction to him. He is very loving and likes to play fetch. He has not had a lot of experience with other dogs so isn’t really sure how to play. He LOVES water and is constantly playing in his water bowl. He is very healthy and athletic.


Jude is a 10 year old owner surrender. This dog is wonderful. He likes cats, is very healthy and very funny. He loves the water and if you have a pool he would be in it all day. He is also in the water dish. He loves going for walks. He loves being outside and exploring things and he loves being inside with his people. He likes the couch. He is very affectionate. He is in love my my 12 year old Golden and wants to marry her 🙂

Ok, we have sent Mr. Jude on over to the Homeward Bound Golden Retiever Senior Rescue program in California. They are thrilled to have him and he is participating in a special pilot project to place older dogs! Bless his dear heart! I will post more pictures as they come in.