August 2010

Wagner is an 11 year old male. [this is not really his picture, but it is very close and I thought you would like to have a sense of his beautiful self ) He has had all his shots, is neutered and microchipped. He is an owner surrender due to a divorce. He LOVES cats and lived with 3 of them. He is in good health and can walk a mile. He has had chronic ear trouble but I think this will be cleared up with a change in diet and some of the kathleen magic we do. It is already responding beautifully. When he came they said he had to have the color on all the time. Wrong on that one. 🙂 Now he is enjoying sleeping on the couch and making himself right at home.

When Wagner met my 12 year old Josie, he put his ears forward and started flirting. She curtsied and smiled…usually, she won’t get the rescues the time of day. This is a really, really nice dog. When he gets back from the groomer, I will get a picture up. If I could keep this boy, I would in a heartbeat.

Exercise needs: 2
Loving attention needs: 5 (he needs love and reassurance. I think the household had a lot of stress and he kinda got the brunt of it. But he is not neurotic in any way.)

Well, reporting from his new home, this boy is one happy pup!

Casey is a 6 year old owner surrender. He is fabulous with kids and little ones. He has been in a family with some stress, so he does have some anxiety and needs lots of loving. He likes his crate, loves to go walking. he is afraid of thunder and fireworks. He likes other dogs.
Casey will blossom in a home that can give him time and attention. I don’t have him yet because his owner is having a hard time with giving him up.

Exercise needs: 3
Loving attention needs: 5

email if you want to meet him

Well, this picture does not do Mr. Clyde justice. He is absolutely knock down gorgeous. He is around 18 months, and very high energy. This is the essence of majestic male dog…and the diamond in the rough. He is not yet socialized and will need some training. He will do best in a family who hikes and runs because he is VERY athletic. This is a dog who will be a 10 with some work.

Well, Mr. Clyde has a new name…and a new home… here is a report

Another update on Zevon’s progress…wow. He’s amazing. We love him.
Its only been a couple of days and he sits at the point we taught him
not to go past when there is any activity at the door. He quickly
learned “pass” lets him go over the mark and its time to go for a
walk. He has responded so well to “heal” and still needs occasional
reminding, but the leash has slack on it now and he keeps his shoulder
even with your leg. “Leave” has sunk in even more, no races to dropped
food, he knows what things he can’t touch.

We were on a walk and didn’t see a dead mouse until we were right on
it. He started to look interested but one “leave” and he stepped right
over it and continued to heal. We had one bout with a dominance
display with Arwen yesterday, so we turned the situation into a
training session. As of today, they are playing ball together, he
doesn’t take toys away from her, and they are seeking our attention
together…very good sign. They still need to develop their
relationship, but I think the ground rules are known now and they are
more comfortable. His lack of neutering has not been an issue since we
worked with that yesterday morning…he knows that he has to be mellow
about his interests with Arwen.

We haven’t let the bird interact without bars yet, although he knows
“down” and has ceased to jump on anything, really…he’s such a good
dog. He is usually so tired after his morning session that he sleeps
for about two hours. That has been good. He has mellowed out a lot and
likes quiet family time a lot. I think he’s adjusting very quickly. No
more problems with the doggie door…he uses it freely.

I think I’m going to use our long leash in the yard today and start
working on “Come”. He already knows what it is, but we have used it
casually and sometimes he comes, sometimes not. But he definitely
knows his name now, so its time. What a smart dog. He is just
wonderful and considering his size, I would have not expected it to be
so easy. He’s awesome.

Bonnie is an 8 month old girl. She was picked up as a Stray in Artesia. She is darling. Very sweet temperament. Its a terrible picture, but she is wiggly and hard to capture. She actually is darling. She is little, maybe 40 pounds/ She does not have a lot of social skills yet. We will work with her on walking on a leash. She loves other dogs. What a little gem!

Exercise needs: 3
Loving attention needs: 4 (she is skittish and needs to learn to be with people)

email if you would like to meet her

Tony is 18 months and has a wonderful personality. He is very loving. Likes other dogs a lot, loves to play. Loves to go running and likes being on the leash. He is energetic and has a lot of energy so would be great in an active family..and he is funny. This is a great dog!
He has had shots, is chipped and neutered. He is all set to go.

Exercise needs: 4 (loves the leash and is good with running)
Loving attention needs: 3 (he is very settled and affectionate)

Email me if you are interested in Tony at