December 2010

Here is Toby looking silly. He actually is VERY cute. He is a 10 month old darling little boy. He is still a wiggly puppy who is very eager to please. We are working on social skills but he is funny, sweet and very affectionate. He loves other dogs and loves children.

He has had shots, is chipped and will need to be neutered. Will will provide a voucher for this once he is placed.


Ok, as you know, we almost never get babies 🙂 But here they are.
There are six of them, 4 girls and 2 boys. I am getting to know their temperaments.
here are some updated pictures. Now they are 5 weeks.

Puppy bonding is a video. Click to see live action

GRR puppybonding

Here is a another one for bird dogs!

more puppy bonding


We had 50 applicants for the puppies, and we did a first screening. We decided that we would not place a puppy in a home where people were not home during the day. That left us with a small pool of qualified applicants. A number of folks came diligently to help with the pups. They spent time socializing them, they cleaned their living space, they brought them toys….and they got dogs because we could match the pups to the people.