January 2011

Fisher is a young male with LOTS of energy. He is a bundle of joy. He loves people. He is great with other dogs if they don’t mind his enthusiasm. He loves to go walking and running and is terrific on the leash. Here is a video of him on a walk in the North Valley.

He also loves to swim and chase balls and he loves his stuffed animals. He has dozens of them and he carries them just about everywhere he goes. He often sleeps with one in his mouth or between his front paws. He’s a wonderfully happy, affectionate boy and is very eager to please so he trains very easily. It has never taken me more than a few minutes to teach him things like sit, down, shake, stay. And he is always great about asking to go outside when he needs to.

Fisher was turned in by his owner because she is working late hours and just felt that she could not give him the exercise he needs.

email me if you would like to meet him.


Baxter is a 6 month old boy who was found along the highway in CO and the animal services there could not find his owner. He is very sweet and earnest, loves other dogs and people. He came with kennel cough which we are treating so we have not given him his shots yet. He will need to be neutered which we will cover.
He is a mouthy little guy and is learning how to keep his mouth and paws off of people. He LOVES his training and is doing beautifully.

email kathleen@radiantrecovery.com

Here is Molly. She is 3 years old, has been spayed, had shots and is chipped. She is great on a leash, loves to go walking and is, as you can see, excited to have a new home. She loves being here. We placed her in a home that was a fabulous match. The owner was thrilled, she was thrilled and things seemed to be great. However, person life changes and the new owner had to return to Hawaii to care for her grandson.

We are looking for someone who might be willing to foster Molly for maybe six months. Her original people told me that she didn’t get along with other dogs. However, she loves Fisher and they are having a great time together. When he gets rowdy with her, she growls. And he just backs off. I think if she was with a dog that took that as aggression, it would not be good. Write me and let’s chat.