April 2011

Here is a sweet 10 monther with a great personality. He loves people and dogs and is a leaner.
Buddy is neutered and has had his shots. He willing and enthusiastic. He has been VERY responsive to being trained.
He is very, very cute and has a cowlick right on the top of his head. If you are looking for a young boy with lots of love, this is your dog. Here is his foster’s report

Just a few things about Buddy—first of all, he is an absolutely wonderful dog. He settled in easily and will thrive with anyone who can give him lots of love, walking and discipline. He is so eager to please and made great strides. I will miss him greatly–as will Lucy!! I hope he gets placed to the right person soon!! (Otherwise, I will be begging to keep him.) He really is something special!

Email me if you want to me him. kathleen@radianttecovery.com

So we have a very unusual situation. I am looking for a FOSTER home for Pascale and her kitty Mia.

Here is the story.

Pacale’s owners were stationed in Hawaii. Then transferred back to Albuquerque. They have just been notified a a reposting in Hawaii. The dog has been been vaccinated, but Hawaii requires a blood test from 4 months before entry that shows that the rabies tider is at a certain level. Because they just got the posting, they will need to leave at the end of may. And won’t have 4 months of the rabies tider complete until August. So they are desperate to find a foster home for the darling golden for a couple of months.

I figured it was worth a try to see if one of you might be willing to do this.

Let me know.


Here is Dante who came from an owner who lost her home and felt she could not manage havingtwo dogs. She told the vet they needed to be euthanized. So…..the vet called us and we said, yah, we can take em.

So here they are, funny, creative and loving having a place to run around. Dante is the blondie. He came with Annie, but after they had been at my house for a week or so, it was clear that they could be placed separately.

Dante has gone to a home with a female his age who looks just like him. He is in love. They have a little farm with goats and a barn and Dante is very, very happy.

Goldie is reputed to be about 10. She was living in a family and the wife died. The husband sort of just left her out in the yard. She was given to the shelter, then to a rescue group who placed her in a foster home. But her younger dog didn’t like this old lady and kinda went after her. So that person finally called us. Whew! She took her to the vet and got a clean bill of health include full blood work and xrays. They also did a dental.

When she arrived, she was arthritic and pretty slow to move. Now, with some special Kathleen supplements and some regular walking, she is rocking. If you love the old dogs, this one is a charmer.

This is a wonderful!!!! dog. her hind legs are getting stronger but she is in good health and has a great attitude. She is loving, grateful and kind. She likes other dogs and is content to sleep. She needs to be with someone who loves the old ones and who will give her the care and tenderness she deserves..

Every once in a while we get one of these sweethearts. I KNOW there will be someone who will treat her the way we would treat out mothers.

email kathleen@radiantrecovery.com

Mateo is a very sweet guy. He is about 7-8, a little overweight but with a fabulous disposition.
This is a house dog. He LOVES affection, likes other dogs and is a happy guy. Loves going in the car.

We was found and no one has claimed him so we are looking for a new home for him. He is neutered and chipped although the chip was never registered. If you are looking for a gem, he is your boy.

email kathleen@radiantrecovery.com