May 2011

Hank is 4 and is very athletic and gorgeous. His owner surrendered him to us. He was owned by the son who got a job where he will be spending lots of time out of town and felt it just wouldn’t be fair to Hank to stay with mom. He is very good around kids. He is a real sweetheart and loves to run and swim, He is house broken, no accidents in years. He will sit, lay, stay and just about whatever you want, he loves to please. He needs a place to be cool all the time and need a lot of water, loves running water. He only take a few minutes to settle down and then he is really a GREAT dog with a lot of LOVE to give. He will bark when guarding his yard from strangers. He will sleep anywhere on the floor and stays put.

Hank is a really nice dog. Email if you would like to meet him.

Ellie is a 10 week old golden/poodle cross which sort of means a doodle. She is darling. She is the one on the left.

let me know

Trevor is a one year old male from the dog mill down in Carlsbad. We keep getting these really nice dogs from the shelter down there. He is much cuter than his picture. He will love an active family to take him running. He was bought by a family who thought he was a darling puppy, didn’t train him and then left him out in the back yard. He is ready to learn and very willing.

Let me know if you want to meet him

This Charlie is a 3 year old, easy going guy who follows his sister’s escapades. Read her story about their ranch life. He is a very nice dog and pretty laid back.

Both are much more attractive than these pictures.

email me to meet him

Di came with her brother Charlie, They were living on a ranch. Di likes to roam and the two of them went off with some neighborhood doggies to find a neighbor’s chickens. They brought one back. Neighbors in ranch country deal with such things by the old west way of shooting visitors. The owner felt that the dogs would be safer if placed.

Di is very sweet and likeable. Her only quirk is that she likes to roam. Her new person will need to have a secure wall for her. She is very smart and in her evaluation with me has shown mighty ingenuity in trying to get out of a regular fence.

She loves being inside and loves other dogs.

Email me if you would like to meet her.

Charliee is gorgeous. He is blondie and very, very nice. Loves dogs, kids and even cats. His owner died two years ago, and he went to the daughter. She recently got separated and moved into an apartment and simply can’t keep him. He acts like he is about six.

This is a great dog.
Here is a note from his foster:

Charlie is absolutely a great dog. We couldn’t ask for a better match.

Charlie is exceptionally well behaved. Fully house broken of course. But better yet, we can leave him in the house without fear of destroying something. He expresses a little separation anxiety, but only a little whining.

He has one unusual trait. He is so gentle and reserved all day and all night long. But at 6:10 am, he gets very anxious and insists we get up and out of bed. At first I thought it was just needing to go outside. So I let him out, and nothing. Then I figured he was just anxious to go on his walk down to the park. But I don’t think so. So here is my theory – his first owner passed away in her sleep, and it may have taken awhile for someone to come around to check. That would have been pretty traumatic for him. So at 6:15, Charlie gets worried about us and wants to make sure we are OK. When we do get up, he is total Golden, wagging his tail so hard, he knocks things over.

It is an endearing trait, and we wanted an excuse to get up and exercise anyway, but any suggestions? Sleeping until 7:00 would be nice on occasion.

Since we’ve had him, he has barked only once – at 3:00 am when he was startled by something. He doesn’t even bark when the door bell rings. I suspect he might have been trained not to bark, via a shock collar or something.

He is such a gentle soul. He acts like he’s been part of the family all his life. We’d love to keep him.

Annie is a 6 year old female who is very affectionate. She came to us because her owner could not keep her. She likes other dogs, is very friendly and loves to walk on a leash. She loves toys. she has been chipped, is spayed and has had all her shots.

Email me if you would like to learn more about Annie.