June 2011

Sienna is a 3 year old very settled girl. She loves children and other dogs. The owner’s daughter moved to New Zealand so they expect to be traveling there a lot and they felt it would be better for her to be in a home rather than in a kennel all the time.

.She is very athletic so would be a good dog for someone looking for a dog to go running with.She loves children and other dogs. She does not do well with cats. She is very affectionate and is a leaner.

Sienna has wonderful new home out in the country. She loves being out and about!

Hopi is a one year old little female who is very affectionate and loving. She loves to go walking. She is spayed. She is a sock eater, so she needs to go to a home that is careful about socks and such

She will be better in a home with other children rather than little ones. She likes other dogs and is very playful

email me kathleen@radiantrecovery.com

Rosie is a girl who was surrendered by her owners. The got her as a puppy and then had twins and just felt like they couldn’t take care of her.

She is very sweet, loving and well trained. I call her a funny dog because she is so engaging. Today I washed castillo so there was a huge puddle of water left in the back yard, so Rosie decided to act like a Robin and splash herself totally wet. Then, of course, she went and rolled in the dirt. It just made me laugh and two hours later it is all dried and I bushed her out.

She loves to walk on a leash and is very playful.

She likes other dogs and cats.. I really like this girl, LOL.

Let me know if you want to meet her.