August 2011

Ok, so these are her before grooming and after grooming pics . Goldie was surrendered by her owners who had kept her in the back yard for 7 years. They said she kept getting out and they couldn’t keep her. So, she is happily in my back yard, not trying to get out at all. She did not like being looked in the pen, so just went under it. Clearly the issue is her wanting to be with people and not about running away.

Everyone, including me loves her. She is funny, affectionate, a leaner and very sweet. They said she is 7. My guess more like 8 or so. She is a little chunky, but that is easy enough.

If you want a mellow, sweet dog who is good with kids, she be your girl.

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Sophie is a one year old darling. She is a Golden Retriever mix. We are calling her a flat coated retriever for fun. I am including her foster’s report. My own assessment is that this dog is a ten. And her coat feels like velvet. I have never felt any face so soft.

My own observation of her is that she is darling. She gets to be an honorary golden because of the temperament. You know every so often we are asked to take a mix. I always decide based on the temperament. This dog is a 10.

Happy to report that Sophie’s ABQ foster decided that she was a perfect dog and there is no way she is gonna leave. LOL they are a good match.