May 2012

Tobey is an female that lived with her family from the time she was a puppy. The Dad was placed in an extended care facility and the family had to put her up for adoption. She is eight but acts as if she is six. Has had all her shots, has a chip and is spayed.

She is very affectionate. She is a leaner and likes being with her people. She is very athletic so if you are looking for a hiking pal, she is your girl. She has a very funny personality, so if you have a sense of humor, you will love her.


Luna is a miracle dog. Last week I got a phone call from a vet. Luna had been taken to the E-clinic because she ate rocks. See picture above. They said she needed surgery and it would be $2500. The owners said no and took her back to their own vet to be euthanized. She was out of town and the relief vet called me. I said, *well, take another x-ray and see if the rocks are moving.* so they did and she said they hadn’t moved. The owner said she eats rocks all the time. I will not write here what I thought in response to that.

I said, *well, why don’t you take her home and see if these pass?* she said she had already told her children that luna was not coming back and she wanted to be *responsible* and she was not going to take her home.

I figured that I wasn’t in the business of letting dogs die, so I went and got her. I figured we would sort it out. I was a little concerned because we certainly do not have $2500 in our account, But I figured we would just play it by ear.

The e-clinic had given her Flagil which made her nauseous so she was not willing to eat. I thought, well, she has to eat if the stones are going to move. So I took her off the Flagil and give her hamburger and sweet potato. I figured the fiber would expand her colon.

My vet was not in until Tues. Luna wasn’t vomiting, was not in pain but had not pooped. We went in and did another xray.

the rocks were moving. The vet took her in the back, came out in 5 minutes and said, *ok, she is set to go*. Luna had a little help and pooped out all 15 rocks.

We came back here. She was so scared, she wouldn’t even come out of the kennel when the door was open. She is so loving, and was soooo skittish. I borrowed one of the rescue puppies from last year for some play dates. She looks like Luna’s cousin which made Luna estatic. She is learning to play. She loves Larry, Mo and Curley.
She is going to make someone a great dog. She needs someone who is patient and gentle and who has no rock landscaping in the yard.

email if you think she would be a good match. I will get pictures soon. She is really, really pretty. She is about three.

Ok, so Mo is a clown. He is a young male, kinda skinny and goofy right now. He will be gorgeous when he has some good food and grooming. He is affectionate, cooperative and pleasant. He likes other dogs and runs after Curley when she is getting the tennis ball. He is not at all pushy. He pees a lot , but that will change once he i s neutered.

If you want a good boy to go running with you, he’s the man.

email me if you want to meet him.

Curley is a 3 year old female with a wonderful personality. She likes dogs and loves to catch tennis balls. If you want a *ball girl*, this is your dog. She is very affectionate, funny and wants to please. I have a feeling her *curley* coat will get wavy with good nutrition and some grooming. We will get that process started shortly.

She is housetrained, up to date on shots, has been chipped. She is a nice dog and likes other dogs.

email me if you want to meet her.

Larry is a doodle. Larry is a high energy 2 year old who LOVEs people, and is fine with other dogs. HE LOVES water, loves, loves. loves it

He knows how to sit, stay, shake and walk on a leash. He really, really likes people and will do well with someone who is very active. He needs to put on some weight and have some fish oil for his coat. He has an incredible face and everyone fell in love with him. He has had his shots and is chipped.

email me at if you are interested in meeting him. He is back from his foster so is here in ABQ.