April 2013





Sari is a 4 year old female who was living with an older guy who died, so she had a very quiet life. She was with him all the time. The family put her with friends who had small children and she just was totally stressed out. They didn’t want her because she had diarhhea. That was just stress and went away as soon as I got her.

She is still a little skittish because she has not had a lot of life experience. I think she would do really well with a person who is home during the day. She has a hard time just being left alone. She is very affectionate and as you can see, she loves to go out hiking.

She is house trained. And she has a really sweet personality. She has been with a foster who had a cat, a serious dude cat and was fine.

email kathleen at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com if you would like to meet her.

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I got a call from a local vet saying that a guy had brought in a golden who had been shot and wanted him euthanized. Apparently the dog was running lose and came home with his leg dangling. The guy thought it was amusing that it was just limp so waited a few days before taking him to the vet. Just putting him down did not seem like the answer.

I went to get the dog. He is the sweetest boy. There he was with his leg shattered, with gunshot splattered inside and he was wagging his tail when he saw me. He was matted, stinky and very, very grateful. I made some phone calls and took him to the teaching hospital we have here in Albuquerque and the orthopedic surgeon could operate that evening.

curley brokencurley pin

Now, you know with all that crime show stuff we see on TV, it never has hit me like this. That one little gunshot wound, and that shattered bone. Whew. We decided to try to save his leg rather than just amputate it right away. So they implanted a pin and screwed it back together. That is him in intensive care.

I will keep here here with me. He will be crated for 8 weeks and we will pray for the best.

And I am unabashedly asking for money. The surgery will run $4000 or so. I made an act of faith in the generosity of those of you who love Goldens as much as I do. You can donate through the paypal button or can send a check. Call at 505-345-3737 for the address. It is all tax deductible. And no matter what, send light, prayers, and good thoughts.

We are going to change his name…so stay posted.


new Name is Dustin. He likes it.
We came home from the hospital with antibiotics, pain killers and some sort of Rimadyl NASAID. I had looked up the death rate for Rimadyl at the FDA so declined that. I figured I was going to give Arnica a try. Gave it to him every hour the first say and by the next evening, the swelling was down by 50%. We kept it up, and started great food, fish oil, and some organ meat stuff from Iceland that they gave me samples of at Long Leash on life. He is very happy with the routine.

he is contained, goes for walks with a sling. His scar has healed up so he no longer has to wear the cone. He finally pooped and pees regularly. Now we just wait to see how the bone heals. I added another homeopathic called *bone knit*. Sure sounded good. Off course can’t see inside the leg, but he lifts it to pee and his muscles are all working.

I keep the sliding glass door open so he can watch birds and clouds. He is ready to go out running, LOL. but we bless the wonders of modern medicine.


Ok, Mr. Curley went to the vet who wants another 4 weeks of *bed rest* for the boy. He can go walking 10 min at a time and would love a walker.

And he is the most incredible dog.



Look at that smiling face!! This is a miracle dog

So, he is going to need someone who can be attentive about his leg mostly because Mr. Dog has no idea it still needs healing. He loves to go on a leash and given half a chance would be tearing around the yard. He will need some training, He was pretty much left to run the streets and has not learned regular house life yet. But he is very smart and very amenable to learning. He does not bark or dig or chew.

He tends to be Mr. Macho with some dogs…so we would have to see on that one. He is fabulous with people.

Email me if you would like to talk about him kathleen@radiantrecovery.com

PS. we are still about $900 short on our vet bills for Curley so if you would like to help out, we would love it. You can either use paypal (the button is on the left side there0 or you can send a check to GRRNM, 3807 Manchester DR NW, ALbuquerque, NM 87107. It is tax deductible since we are a 501 (c)(3) organization.


So we had two people come and volunteer to support Curley. They came a couple times a week. Started walking him up to the corner and back, then down to the park. Then they decided they wanted to hive him a permanent home. So the dog left for dead has a new family and a new name as Kine which is Japanese for *Golden.* This is the BEST of rescue.

Special thanks to Laura Meeks who is donating her time to take pictures of our dogs. Check out her website. If you want someone to take pictures of your dogs, she is fabulous!