June 2013

Baby golden 78

We are calling her Maxine – its a long story. She came up from Carlsbad, and is just barely 4 months. This is one sweet baby. She is very undernourished. We are going to be fattening her up, get her wormed and into a foster home.

She is absolutely darling, stole our hearts.

email me at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com


Maxine has a new family and they are thrilled, and she is thrilled. Thank you all for your interest and concern.


Here is Annie looking a little goofier than she actually is. She is four years old and was with a family who had to move into an apartment and couldn’t take her with them. She was with a two year old child and they said she was great with the child.

She likes other dogs and very affectionate. She LOVES to go walking and is missing being with a family. They let he eat whenever she wanted , so she is adjusting to the GRR spa regime.

She is a very sweet dog who will capture your heart.

email me at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com to learn more.

Now here is a love story that will touch your heart. When Annie arrived she would go and sniff Mr. Curley who was confined to a kennel. Then they decided they were in love, so Annie would stretch out right next to the gate to Curley’s kennel, and he would stretch out right beside her on the other side. Our volunteer walker’s got the sense of the love birds so Dad was walking Curley and Mom was bringing Annie along. As you might guess, some magic happened. So Miss Annie is going to be able to go with Her bud!

Special thanks to Laura Meeks who is donating her time to take pictures of our dogs. Check out her website.