August 2013

Golden Retriever Rescue of New Mexico is a 501(3)(c) volunteer nonprofit. We have been in business for about 16 years and have successfully placed more than 850 Goldens. We find homes for dogs who have been lost, given up or abandoned.

Our typical per dog cost is about $300. This includes a Vet exam, a heart worm and tick disease screen, a chip, rabies and distemper/parvo shot and a spay/neuter. We provide whatever medical care the dogs need. Then we care for them as if they were our own. We socialize them, train them and help them feel safe and loved. And then best of all, we find a perfect home for them.

Generally, the flow of dogs and donations means that we meet all our expenses. In the last few months, we have had a number of dogs with medical problems that required a fair amount of testing and medical support. We have also had a couple of dogs with separation anxiety which means broken pens and ripped fences. This means that way more money has been going out than coming in.

Here is what it means in terms of real, live dogs.

Nathan arrived in terrible shape. He has cataracts in both eyes, and his skin was totally raw from hot spots. His mouth was a mess requiring extensive dental surgery. He had 2 abscesses and needed 8 teeth removed. His bills were about $1200.

Granny dog came when her owner was going to a nursing home for Veterans. She was 16 and had not had any vet care for many years.Her expenses were $740. No one wanted to adopt a 16-year-old dog so she stayed with rescue until the end of her life.

George was abandoned in the snow and we spent more than $1200 to do diagnostics and sort out why he kept losing weight. His health was so compromised, we were not able to place him.

Hobbs was a stray picked up by the shelter in Southern New Mexico. We went and got him and found that he had a large tumor. His expenses were $790. The tumor was benign and now he has a fabulous and loving home.

Lulu’s owner died and she was put in a kennel for 6 months. She arrived weighing 35 pounds. She had major, complex bowel disorder and was totally fearful of any people. We spent more than 6 months to get her socialized and well enough to be adopted. Her medical expenses were about $400 and her specialized food and supplements cost another $300.

We have had close to $5000 in expenses that could not be covered by adoption fees.
We are a very tiny group of dedicated volunteers and do a great job at healing and placing dogs. But we don’t have a fund raising department. We have you. The money you give us will go directly to supporting the dogs.

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Maddie is one year old Golden Cross. She was picked up as a stray, no chip, no ID, no owner reclaim. The shelter called us and since she is so sweet we figured we would call her *lucky dog* and put her up for adoption. She is VERY affectionate. Loves to ride in the car, loves to walk on a leash. If you want a loving litle girl, she is the one. She weighs about 30 pounds. We will get her spayed. She is now chipped and has had shots. She doesn’t like being left alone and wants to be with a family.

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GR-0001 Precious is an older girl who was picked up by animal control. She was really depressed and miserable. They asked me to take her. She was in pretty sad shape. I got her groomed and gave her a BALL and lo and behold she is one funny mama. We assume she has had boat loads of puppies and then was thrown away. She has been spayed.

Here is the wonderful thing. I have all these young wild teenagers…and Miss Precious has been teaching them all to behave. When they get rowdy, she goes and tells em to stop it. She shares a pen with Maverick. The first time they had dinner together, he thought it would be fun to eat hers. She told him *touch it and die, dude* and he blinked and sat down in the back corner and watched her finish dinner. He adores her.

Some people don’t want to get a senior because they cannot bear the idea of only having a few years with a dog. I happen to love the older ones (probably because I am older, LOL) who are mellow, grateful, calm, courteous and amenable to about anything. She carries her ball everywhere. She is lively, active and very, very funny. Queen of the pack. A very special girl.


GR-0003 Here is 10 month old Eve looking kinda goofy. She is funny, playful and full of life. She has an appointment for her spay next week, no puppies for this girl LOL. She loves to run, doesn’t like being locked up and wants to do nutty things. She is still a goofy pup with a lot of spirit. LIke her bud, Adam, she needs training. Both of them were kept caged up and and learning social skills. She is very affectionate, and wants to please. She can be edgy with other dogs if she is behind the fence and has a lot to say. I think it is because she doesn’t know the drill yet. But she adores Maverick and listens to precious with instant deference. With a little patience she will be a fabulous companion.


AdamAdam is about 2 as well. He and Eve were set up to be the new breeding line down south. They were kept in cages in readiness for puppy mill work. We were able to bring them into rescue. Adam is young and active. He is strong, hearty and willing. He is not yet trained, but is very responsive to the clicker training I have started with him.
He has been neutered, chipped and given his shots. He will do well with someone who can spend time with him and help him get socialized. He is not aggressive at all, but is skittish about new situations. I would call him a diamond in the rough.

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MaverickMaverick is a 2 year old male. He is neutered, has had his shots and is chipped. He is young and athletic. He has a wonderful temperament, doesn’t get flapped by other dogs and loves to play. He is mouthy so he sometimes wants to grab your hand, but has been very responsive to my training. He LOVES learning things.He is very, very smart and will not do well if you just leave him at home. He loves to hike and go running. And of course he is knock out gorgeous to boot.

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