DSC_3351.NEF Here is Max. We think is about 2 or so. He was a stray dog who wandered into a mechanics service area. They guys fed him so he stuck around. He was sweet, funny and kind. But the shop owner was concerned that he could get hurt with all the oil and antifreeze around so she called us.

We got him, got shots, tested him for heart worm (negative) got him chipped and neutered and found him a home. last week we got a call from the wife saying she had decided to leave the husband and she wanted to bring Max back to rescue.

He is still sweet, funny and kind. He carries around either a huge kong or a baby doll that he does not rip up. He doesn’t bark or jump. He is very athletic and is gorgeous. He has not really been trained yet although he LOVES learning things. We are working on leash walking. He loves to go in the car and loved going to the groomer.

Special thanks to Bath, Brush and Beyond for the fabulous pic of Max.

Hi everyone, I had about 20 people who were interested in Max. I placed him with a young couple who run. They reported taking him 11 miles yesterday and he still had energy to play and romp. the task that I always face is matching the dog to the people. Max is a VERY athletic, high energy dog. He is a rambunctious teenage and unless he has a lot of exercise, he would be into trouble.

I do have all your apps here and will be keeping you posted on the dogs that come in. Thank you all for you interest.