June 2014


Mister is a 2 year old something with an amazing personality. The Hobbs shelter called me and said *we have a Golden Retriever, can you take him?* I said, *send me a picture, please.* Then they emailed again and said, *Ok, we are ready to send him.* I said, *picture, please*. So finally they did, LOL.

I thought, *that is NOT a Golden Retriever by ANY stretch of the imagination* but I happen to have space and he is really cute. They said he has a darling personality, likes dogs, likes people. He is neutered, has had his shots and is chipped.

So you know what I said, * All right, all right, send him over.* I am still laughing. He looks like a Meercat. I could cheat and say he was a Golden Cross, but I don’t know it would be with. His personality is a Golden.

So if anyone would like a loving, affectionate goofy looking dog that has been screened by your local Golden Retriever Rescue, Mister is your boy.

email me kathleen@radiantrecovery.com


Rio was surrendered by his owner who adored him. He surrendered him because of illness in the family. Here is what he said about Rio:

He loves to play ball.  Like a lot of Goldens he likes to carry things around in his mouth (balls, pillows, etc).  He is a house dog but for most of the past 4 years he has had the run of the 5 acres we lived on.  He was around animals including horses, steers, peacocks and other birds.  He never bothered any of them.  Our grandson is now 6 years old and he has been around and been very good and gentle.  There has also been a house cat that he did not necessarily love but he was gentle. He is a very sweet boy and our greatest desire is to find him  a loving home.

He has a special pillow that he loves. This is a very sweet dog that will make a loving family companion.


Email me if you would like to meet him   kathleen@radiantrecovery.com

Lucky puppies

Lucky puppies

ok, so we are getting 2 male puppies today. They are about 9 weeks old. Our driver says the little black one is VERY mellow.

I am going to get them over to the vet in the morning to get checked. Obviously, we will have a gadzillion people who want them, so I am adding a criteria to the regular process we go through.

I want whoever gets these puppies to be totally committed to clicker training them. When you write to inquire, tell me what you know about clicker training and why you think this would work for you. Talk about your commitment to working with your puppy with this kind of training.

email me at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com….don’t call, LOL. EMAIL please. Thanks!