October 2014


Emma is a 5 month old Golden who was given up by her owner who didn’t have time for her. When she arrived, she was so traumatized, she would not come out of her crate. She is learning how to be a dog and is totally a puppy. She collects toys and stuff and brings it back to her crate.

She will be a small dog. She is housebroken and loves other dogs but is still VERY skittish with people. She needs some patience and tender loving but has darling energy.

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Emma has been adopted by a family who is experienced in clicker training and has worked with dogs coming from a similar background.


Cooper is a Golden Retriever Cross who is about 18 months. He has a gorgeous coat and is very loving. He is very attached to people, very affectionate and loyal. He would be an ideal dog for someone with acreage. He is very willing to learn new things. He is playful and has a lot of energy. He is still a teenager and needs a lot of exercise. He will do better as the only dog in the family.

Cooper has been with me for a while. You may wonder why he doesn’t have a home yet…here is a little of his back story. When he arrived, he was kinda out of control. I think he had not any any training at all. He was sort of wild and rambunctious. I have been doing rehab with him. He needs way more exercise that he is getting here, but he is learning to hold his adolescent enthusiasm and wait for dinner and not leap around.

He does not like other male dogs, so this means I cannot put him in a home with another boy.He also has no idea of his body, so I am not going to place him in a home with small children. And he needs some training That is what all the code above means.

email me kathleen@radiantrecovery.com