December 2014


Rosie is another one of our little *minature* Goldens from Carlsbad. She is 8 months old. When she arrived she was terrified and had not ever been out of a crate. She has been in rehab here for a month and is now a fiesty puppy who races around the yard, digs holes, throws toys in the air and loves life.




The shelter called me and said *e have this old dog who is stinky, matted, has a cataract in one eye, has terrible teeth and is slated to be euthanized. She is terrified and is crouched in the back of the cage shivering.* Of course I said we will take her 🙂

Took her to get washed. My two little volunteers brushed and brushed her. Took her to the vet who extracted 12 teeth and gave us some ointment for her eye. We put her on fish oil and joint response and she is loving, funny and romping around in the yard with the young ones. This is one grateful dog!

How old is she? Don’t really know. Maybe 12 or 13. And I know that most people are not interested in these old ones. But I can tell you that she is an incredible girl. I adore her. Maybe you would like to do a loving thing for a precious old dog.

let me know.