November 2015



Bean is a 3 year old male Golden Retriever. He was surrendered by his owner who felt he would have a better life with a new family. They got him as a puppy and then basically put him out in the yard. He said they couldn’t catch him and that he would walk on the leash.

I have been teaching him social skills. He is a very sweet guy and is doing really well at learning how to be brave with life. He has learned to walk on a leash and go in the car. He will need someone who is will to be patient and work with him. He is VERY loving and wants to learn. He is affectionate and loves to cuddle.

He will do better as an only dog since he doesn’t have *let’s play well with others* skills yet.



Roxy is an 18 month Golden/Border Collie Cross. She is short and sassy. She adores people is housetrained and has a wonderful personality. She affectionate and loving.

She had all her shots, a chip and has been spayed.

She is absolutely brilliant and would be a great candidate for agility or frisbee work. She is fast, agile and really, really observant. She also points, if you wanted to take her hunting. Because she is so smart, it also means that her family will have to do things to keep her from getting bored. If you run, she can keep up with your for miles.

She is an intriguing little thing. Email me if you want to talk about whether she would work for you.

email if you are interested at