March 2016


Granny is the one with the white face. She is 16. Her person moved int a long term care place and she couldn’t go along. She is old and stiff in the morning. She is hard of hearing but incredibly funny. She has a remarkable sense of humor. She loves to eat and barks at 4 pm for her dinner.

This would be a perfect dog for someone who is low energy and would simply love a companion

Email me if you might be willing to provide a place for this old girl to live out the rest of her life.


Lulu is a 3 year old little girl. She is the skinny one on the left of the photo. When she arrived she had been left in a kennel for 4 months. Her owner had gotten sick and then died. She was pretty deeply affected by this. She had problems with digestion. I have had her for 6 months to get her all healed up. She has gained weight and is very sweet and funny.

She is very athletic and loves walking and running. She likes other dogs. She is skittish with people still, byt once she warms up is VERY affectionate.

She is spayed, has had all her shots and is ready for a new home.

Email me if you would like to meet her.