July 2016

Bo SmilingBo relaxing

Bo is a 4 y/o neutered male who was surrendered by his family because their lives were just too busy. They wanted him to be in a family who could spend more time with him.

He is house broken, can use a doggie door, has a sweet and mild temperament, gets along with other dogs and is a great family dog. He loves to have his chew toys and even though he will fetch a ball or frisbee. He really likes to be with people a lot.

He gets along with cats and is very smart.

Let me know if you would like to meet him. Remember to get your application in before you get in touch with me.


Marlee marley4397marley4396Marlee really, really needs a volunteer to come and run or walk with her. We have a couple of special needs dogs and her energy is higher than what they can cope with.  Can you help us out while she is waiting for her person?

She is not a Golden, but she has a story 🙂 Marlee is a 3 year old Queensland Heeler. She belonged to a friend of mine who died a couple of months ago. His family couldn’t take her, so I agreed I would take her and find her a home.

She is a very loving dog, very. She is very high energy. She will do really well in a family who runs, hikes or does both. She is very, very smart. She does not bark, but she is a great alert dog because she takes care of her people. She loves people and most dogs, although if she meets another bossy female, she can have something to say.

She is spayed, housebroken, is chipped, has all her shots and such.

One ear is flopped in the second pictures because it got injured in a rough and tumble play time. She had to have a little drain put in her ear and she has been carrying flopped since then.

She is a great pup. Talk to me if you would like a loving, loyal companion.


Here is Hobb’s story in pictures:

This is Hobbs in the Shelter in Hobbs, NM. Someone threw him away. I got 5 emails about him while I was on vacation in Maine. Scouts everywhere! Out beloved driver made arrangements to pick him up. My son brought him back and we had a wonderful foster who got him groomed, bought him a bed and cared for him until I came back.

Hobbs in shelter

Hobbs Smiling

One happy boy!

And here he is just chilin with his foster mom.

Hobbs resting

So, we got him to the vet. She th inks he is about eight, and his blood work came back perfect. He does have 3 growths that we will get taken off next week. He is a WONDERFUL dog. Amicable, likes everyone, likes the other dogs, is housebroken, Likes to go into his kennel for dinner, is patient with the wild teens and is very, very loving.

Let me know if you would like to meet him. He is a 10!

And if you love him as much as we do and aren’t ready yet for a dog, or can’t do an older boy but would love to support his medical care, we will welcome your donation. This is how we are able to take care of these special guys – your generosity! You can donate through Paypal right on the home page of the website here.