March 2017


Kobi is a 2 year old knock dead gorgeous boy. He has a lot of energy and will do really well with someone who can take him running.

He is housebroken, has been neutered, has had his shots and is learning to be socialized. He was with a family that got him as a puppy and never really trained him so we are working on manners and listening. He is crate trained. He absolutely needs someone who is willing to clicker train him.

He is a big boy and very strong.

email me if you are interested in learning more.


Click where it says image to see the video.


Bess is a pretty amazing girl with an interesting story. The shelter called and said they have an old, fat dog who needs *hospice* care. I asked what that meant. She didn’t have any specified disease, she just was lethargic and not moving around very well. Of course I said yes. I don’t see *older and weightier* as a death sentence.

She came prancing into the yard ready to do pole dancing. Her tail was up and wagging. She was pretty shaggy and a big girl to be sure. Took her to the spa and she came back gorgeous. Took her to the vet who did a very thorough exam and said, she is actually in good health. The shelter said she is ten, but we think she is younger. Joints are a little creaky but we suspect that is from lying around. And she is getting more active evry day.

She LOVES going walking, loves being in a home. I posted a video of her learning to play with the other dogs. It made me cry. This is actually why I do rescue. She watched and watched and then said, *me, I can do that!*

She is losing weight, her legs are getting stronger, and she a darling.

Write me if you are interested.


Zoe is an older female who is delightful. She is funny and having a blast. I have a high school volunteer who has been walking her. When she first came, she went around the block and was exhausted. Now she prances and barks with joy to go.

She is very healthy and is loving being with a pack of cousins.She is curious and self-assured. She is affectionate and funny. Loves toys although she likes to rip some of them up.

She is totally house trained, uses the dog door and hasn’t done anything naughty. This is a nice girl!

Email me at if you would like to meet her.