December 2017

Scout is an 18 month old male golden mix. He is short, maybe about 40 pounds. Not sure what is othe part mix be but he looks like a little red Golden.

He was found abandoned at a dog park and came to me pretty much in a *raw* state. I am assuming someone just kept him the back yard. He is now housebroken and crate trained. He is very quick to learn things. He LOVES clicker training.

This little guy has a LOT of energy which means he needs a lot of exercise 🙂
He will do well in a home where someone can take him running. He is also agile, LOL. This morning, I found him climbing in the Junniper so he could look in the window.

He is very affectionate and loves people. I won’t put him with cats or small dogs. Basically he is a dog with a lot of potential and with training will be fantastic.

Le me know if you want to meet him.


Lacey is an 8 year old female with an incredible story. I an email from Ed Goodman at Tootsie’s Vision about this dog. She had been kept chained outside her whole life. Then the owners moved away and left her chained up. A neighbor got her and called Ed. Met Ed at the vet. The dog is totally wonderful. We got her eyes checked and her health assessed. Gave her shots and a chip.

She has some visual impairment, doesn’t see well at night, but is totally fine during the day. She is sweet, funny, loving and GRATEFUL. This is a darling dog. Gets along with other dogs although she does let them know she doesn’t dogs in her face. As you see, you got her groomed and she looks fabulous. This is a wonderful girl.

Let me know if you would like to meet her.