Loki is actually darling – way cuter than this picture. He is a year old. And he actually has a beautiful tail, he is just holding in for this shot.

He is sweet, funny, loving and learning how to be a house dog.

Loves other dogs, loves people, wants to learn. He has had his shots and is chipped.

Email me at

George is an 18 month old blond, big boy. The vet and I think he is a Golden/Pyrennes cross which makes for a nice combination. He is strong and athletic. He likes other dogs, likes to play. He is affectionate. Needs some training. He is a typical teenager who needs to have a lot of exercise.

This dog will NOT do well in a home with a small yard or with just having walks. He needs to have space to run.

He is neutered, chipped and has had all his shots.

Email me if you would like to meet him. Don’t ask to see him if you have not yet filled out an application please. :).

Lilly clearly is not a Golden Retriever :). She is a little over a year old. She was in the Valencia shelter, absolutely terrified. She was slated to be euthanized. I thought she was cute. It took a month for her to be willing to come out of the kennel. She was scared. She has made great progress.

She is chipped and has had her shots. She will do really well with someone willing to be patient with her. She is cautious and likes to watch. She is part Border Collie and Part Heeler. She runs really fast even though she has short legs, LOL. She likes to go walking. And likes to play with toys.

Let me know if you would like to meet her.

Noelle is a 5 year girl whose family moved to ABQ to settle into a retirement community. The husband died and caring for an active big dog was more than the wife could handle.

She is spayed, chipped and eager to please. Needs so training on leash walking but wants to please. Likes other dogs (she has been with 4 here) although sometimes she is edgy with girl dogs. She is a funny combination of rough and tumble and cautious.

email me if you would like to meet her.

Bella is a 3 year old girl who came from TN. She was phobic about thunder storms and they wanted to move her where there are not so many. We agreed to take her.

She is loving, funny and a real sweetheart. She wants to please. Needs to be with someone who can help her be calm with thuder. Has been spayed, chipped and has all her shots.

This is a very dear and loving dog.


Lucy is a 7 month old Golden Retriever Cross. We think she is a Golden, Borden Collie cross. She weighs about 35 pounds.

Her people brought her to us because she was jumping on their small child. Lucy is a high spirited little puppy with a lot of energy. She needs some training but there is a lot to work with. She wants to please, adores people and is quick to learn.

We are working on *house manners* which means no, you do not steal things off the counter, LOL. And you may not jump up on people. She is making great strides.

She is crate trained and has learned to sleep in the bedroom with the other dogs. She has had all her shots, been chipped and is ready to be spayed.

Email if you would like to meet her.


Senor is a year old male who was found on the streets. He likes other dogs, is housetrained and is learning to be in the house. He was startled to see a TV set :). He has a sunny disposition and LOVES people. When he arrived, his coat was pretty straw-like but good food and a trip to the spa has helped. He has had his shots, tested negative for heartworm and tick diseases and has been neutered.
This is a sweet boy and very open to training.

Let me know if you would like to meet him. Make sure you have put an application in BEFORE you get in touch 🙂


Bella is a 15-month-old female. She is a smaller Golden and sleeker than some of the hairy ones. Her owner was no longer able to keep her because she was not able to give her the time and attention she deserved. She is house trained and loves walking on a leash. She likes other dogs, especially males. She is house trained and happy entertaining herself.

Email me if you would like to meet her.


Kobi is a 2 year old knock dead gorgeous boy. He has a lot of energy and will do really well with someone who can take him running.

He is housebroken, has been neutered, has had his shots and is learning to be socialized. He was with a family that got him as a puppy and never really trained him so we are working on manners and listening. He is crate trained. He absolutely needs someone who is willing to clicker train him.

He is a big boy and very strong.

email me if you are interested in learning more.


Click where it says image to see the video.


Bess is a pretty amazing girl with an interesting story. The shelter called and said they have an old, fat dog who needs *hospice* care. I asked what that meant. She didn’t have any specified disease, she just was lethargic and not moving around very well. Of course I said yes. I don’t see *older and weightier* as a death sentence.

She came prancing into the yard ready to do pole dancing. Her tail was up and wagging. She was pretty shaggy and a big girl to be sure. Took her to the spa and she came back gorgeous. Took her to the vet who did a very thorough exam and said, she is actually in good health. The shelter said she is ten, but we think she is younger. Joints are a little creaky but we suspect that is from lying around. And she is getting more active evry day.

She LOVES going walking, loves being in a home. I posted a video of her learning to play with the other dogs. It made me cry. This is actually why I do rescue. She watched and watched and then said, *me, I can do that!*

She is losing weight, her legs are getting stronger, and she a darling.

Write me if you are interested.

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