Gabby is an 8 year old sweet girl. She was with an 85 year old woman who fell and broke her hip and needed to go into assisted living. Gabby had just been left in the back yard by herself. The husband thought the solution would be to take her down to the river and throw her away. Their daughter came over from Arizona to work on settling things up and called us about Gabby. She was in pretty bad shape, so she took her to be groomed, ie shaved, before she arrived.

The first 4 days, Gabby in the back corner of our rescue vard where she could not be seen. However, she loves to eat, so she would come out for dinner and discovered that being petted and loved was kinda a nice thing. She perked up and started bossing around the 5 teenaged boy dogs in her care. her tail was waggin and she was smilin.

I noticed she had a lump on her back. The daughter said the vet said it was a lipoma (a fatty tissue), but my intuition was otherwise. I took her to the vet for an exam and shots (she had never had them) and a check on the lump. The vet aspirated it and said the cells suggested cancer and we should take the lump off and also remove any other bumps. They gave us an estimate to do the bloodwork, surgery and pathology and it came out to about $1000. We are a very small group and our cash reserves really are donation to donation so that seemed out of the question. We felt that Gabby might be better served by our transferring her up to the CO Rescue who have a lot of money and resources.

But the story continues as most GRRNM stories do…I got an email from one of our adopters about the *older girl* and could they foster her. I said yes before we had the news back on the surgery cost. They came over anyway. Gabby decided she didn’t care about going to Colorado, and just stepped right into their hearts. So we decided we would keep Gabby and do some fundraising for her. All donations are tax deductable.

If you would like to help, go back to the home page here and click on the paypal button. This girl deserves to be loved, be well and stay with her new family who adore her. I know we can do this!

email me at if you have questions about her.

Good News for Gabby. The labs came back and the tumor is actually benign, yea!