Scout is an 18 month old male golden mix. He is short, maybe about 40 pounds. Not sure what is othe part mix be but he looks like a little red Golden.

He was found abandoned at a dog park and came to me pretty much in a *raw* state. I am assuming someone just kept him the back yard. He is now housebroken and crate trained. He is very quick to learn things. He LOVES clicker training.

This little guy has a LOT of energy which means he needs a lot of exercise 🙂
He will do well in a home where someone can take him running. He is also agile, LOL. This morning, I found him climbing in the Junniper so he could look in the window.

He is very affectionate and loves people. I won’t put him with cats or small dogs. Basically he is a dog with a lot of potential and with training will be fantastic.

Le me know if you want to meet him.



Buddy L

Buddy is a 2 year old Golden/lab cross. He is golden retriver colored with a short lab coat – less hair in the house. This is another young, athletic dog who will do well in a household that can give him a LOT of exercise. He is outside running in circles with Leo, both going VERY fast. He loves other dogs, loves to play and wants to learn new things.

He is neutered, chipped, has all his shots and is housebroken.



George is an 8 year old Golden Cross. We think he is a golden Newfy mix. He looks like a golden, but we think there is something else there because his eyes are shaped differently. His temperament is the best of both. He is kind, laid back and likes other dogs, people and children. He is very, very funny.

George is house broken and knows how to use a doggie door. George will do best in a home with older people rather than a young family with kids.

While I was in Maine, I met a Newfy at the local farmers’ market. Pretty much convinced me that George is indeed a Newfie/Golden Cross.IMG_2078

Email me if you would like to meet George.


Bob Barkeris a little sky terrier who is bright, perky and funny. He loves other dogs and loves to play with people. I went and looked up Skye Terriers because I have never had one before. Here is a quote:

They are strong, canny, brave, and very independent. Not to mention the fact that when they love someone they are very loyal.

The Skye is very good-natured, loyal, polite, loving and affectionate. Brave, bold, spirited, playful and happy, it loves attention.

I would say he is a bit cautious and will do well in a home that understands little terriers . My son named him Bob Barker because he runs around the yard announcing who is there. He is with a foster home and they have told me he is ready for a new family.

email me if you want to meet this little guy. kathleen@radiantrecovery.com

We are looking for some volunteers to help out. if you have some extra time, we sure would love some help.

Let me see if I can list what I think good *jobs* are….

1) someone who is good with a camera who can get great pictures of the dogs. It makes a big difference. This person would need to be *on call* on short notice. The dogs come in at random intervals. I really, really like to get them into homes pretty quickly.

2) People who can come, take a dog for a walk, maybe a run depending on the age and condition of the dog.

3) People who could take a dog out for a day, keep them safe, do an assessment of what the dog can do or not do without judging the dog.

4) People who can come and do clicker training. I would teach you. I am very good at it, and would love to have a group who would learn the basics of *good dog* clicker work and could help placement readiness.

5) Someone who is organized and thoughtful who can coordinate the volunteers.

6) Someone who might like to coordinate fundraising, public awareness stuff.

7) Someone who would like to coordinate social gatherings for our adopters…like a summer picnic or a pool party, etc.

and of course, whatever you all might think of.

let me know.




If you are interested in getting a magnet for your car or truck, pls email kathleen at kathleen@radiantrecovery.com