Harley is 11 months and was turned into animal control by her owner for chasing chickens. Here is her foster mom’s report:

She really loves humans but gets excited and wants to jump up on you to play. Was fine with my 5 year old son and didn’t try to jump on him. I’ll work on that as well as sitting on command and loose leash walking. I took her outside this afternoon and with some coaxing she walks fine without any pulling. She is very weary of cars and hesitant about going places she doesn’t know. I don’t think she has had much time on a lead.

She seems perfectly fine with Aero, the Golden, but is weary of Atlas my Great Dane. Atlas is just a puppy but is taller than her so it may be intimidation. She seems fine when I’m with all the dogs together. She doesn’t cause a ruckus while in the sunroom but does whimper just a tad then quiets down. It is looking like she is potty trained but time will tell. She ate her dinner fine and is not aggressive when you’re around her with food or a bone.

Ok, has a new home and she is thrilled.