Leo was picked up as a strays, and was scheduled to be put down the following day. Leo had a tag with his name, an address, and a phone number. Animal Control contacted the owner, apparently more than once. Leo’s owners did not want to pay the $25 fee to get him released. I picked up Leo that morning, January 7.

Leo impressed me with his calm demeanor and loving nature. He fit right into our household, including the other doggies, immediately. He had been neutered and microchipped already so I went ahead and got his distemper/parvo shot. Dana came to look at Leo and fell in love with him on the spot, and he with her. He was exactly what she had described in her application as what she had been looking for.

Dana needed to make some repairs to her fence, and get her yard cleaned up before Leo could move in, so she planned to pick him up a few days later.

During that time period the local mobile vet was out to our house for something else, so we had her draw blood and run a heartworm test. Bad news here — he was heartworm positive. We decided to go ahead with treatment. We knew that Dana was in love with him. For that matter, we were, too. He is a wonderful little pooch.

So we got the heartworm treatment started, and kept him at our house for the first week. Then he went to Dana’s house, where he is now. She is taking care of him during the remainder of the recovery phase from the heartworm treatment, where he continues to do very well in his forever home. He is such a calm dog that he doesn’t need to be crated, and Dana calls every other day to report on his latest antics, with which she is thoroughly enamored.

Leo is the ideal GRRNM success story.