August 2006


Henry is a Golden/something cross but all his energy is golden. He is 3 and is grateful, funny and very playful. He LOVEs to retrieve, loves other dogs and loves people. He is also very attentive, regularly checking to make sure he’s doing the right thing. As a running partner, he doesn’t stray away and heels wonderfully. He would be great with children and he gets along with cats. He is a one of a kind!

Henry is in his new home is is happy beyond belief!!!

Henry at his new ranch


Honey is a female Golden/Aussie mix who is about 1 and a half years old. She has had her shots, tested negative for heartworm and in started on preventative. We believe she has been spayed. Very smart but no good with cats. She is loving, affectionate and has wonderful energy.

This is the golden that was found with a microchip from Florida. He had been missing for a year. He got loose during a hurricane and made it all the way to New Mexico.I wish he could tell us of his journey. Anyway we took him from the Humane Society her and drove him to Las Cruces where we met up with a golden rescue group from Texas and they took him on the next leg of his trip home. The pictures are of Buddy with his boy.BuddyBuddy2

Chaco is a Corgi/Golden Cross. He loves older children . He is about 3 years old, and is a little shy at first. He has fit right in with our two goldens, and has taken to keeping company with my daughter (13 yrs). He is also independent, and can entertain himself for hours without fussing. He will hang out nearby when I’m working in the office. He’s a very sweet dog whos ears are alert for strangers.
Chaco present

OK, Mr. Teddy is a doll. Loves people, is great with cats, has a wonderful attitude. Likes to go on a leash, great in the car.

He is a little tubby. We think he had lots of table scraps but will check him for thyroid. He was picked up in lower NM as a stray, no one came for him. But he was clearly loved and given a lot of training.

He has one quirk. Does not like male dogs, so he will need to be an only child or with girls. Call and let’s talk about this boy. Here is the list his foster mom did:

-A definite people dog, loves to be with people (very sweet)
-Responds well to discipline and training (quick learner)
-Excellent with cats
-Does not like other male dogs
-Seems to do well with female dogs
-Not scared of thunder and lightening
-Crate trained
-Great on leash for walks
-Calm but playful disposition
-Did not dig in my backyard, but who knows – he’s a dog
-Calm and easy to groom
-Loves belly rubs and kisses on top of his head!!!

OK, a few more updates for Mr. Ted…clear on thyroid, he is just chunky (and losing on good food). Clear on blood sugar, no diabetes. And clear on heart worm. So he is a healthy dude.